Six-Inch Alien Spotted In NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Proves ‘Atacama Skeleton’ Was Extraterrestrial Visitor, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Online UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have found "absolute proof" of intelligent biological life on Mars, including evidence that the famous six-inch "Atacama Alien" skeleton discovered in Chile in 2003 was a Mars alien visitor to Earth.

According to the latest sensational claim of "proof of intelligent life on Mars," a tiny, six-inch humanoid alien was supposedly discovered in a NASA image peeping curiously from behind a rock at the Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface.

The "shocking and "historic" announcement of the alleged discovery of alien life on Mars, in the form of a tiny six-inch humanoid alien spying shyly on Curiosity rover from behind a Martian rock, was announced by alien hunters Paranormal Crucible in a YouTube video (see below) titled "Tiny Alien Spotted on Mars?" uploaded to YouTube on June 22, 2016.

According to alien hunters, the "interesting anomaly" was photographed by Curiosity's Mastcam while the rover explored the Martian surface.

The photo shows the tiny alien standing a few feet away and spying at NASA's buggy from behind a Martian rock.

"Interesting anomaly found by the rover, which looks like a little Martian," the YouTube alien hunter wrote in the video description.

"I have colorized the image and added eyes to the head so it is easier to see, but everything is there in the original images," the alien hunter explained further. "Whatever it is it looks humanoid, reminds me of the Atacama Alien, about the same size too. This one is around six inches."

The Atacama Alien refers to six-inch skeletal remains found by Oscar Munoz in an abandoned settlement in Chile's Atacama Desert on October 19, 2003. The specimen had a misshapen skull, believed to be due to a rare medical condition, and a total of 10 ribs.

Other experts suggested it was a human person who suffered a rare genetic disorder linked with extreme dwarfism. But the suggestion was abandoned after no dwarf genes were found during DNA analysis.

Although subsequent DNA analysis suggested it was a human being with rare genetic mutations, members of the alien and UFO conspiracy theory community claimed that the Atacama Alien was an extraterrestrial being and that the discovery proves the existence of miniature humanoid extraterrestrial beings.

Waring and fellow alien hunters now claim that the newly discovered six-inch alien on Mars proves that the Atacama Alien was a Mars alien who died when his UFO crash-landed on Earth.

The miniature alien spotted on NASA's Mars Curiosity rover photo was still alive, alien hunters claim. This proves that a race of miniature aliens populates the Red Planet. The tiny aliens could be hobbit survivors of the nuclear holocaust that Mars anomaly hunters say wiped out Mars alien civilization millions of years ago.

Alien hunters speculate that the tiny Mars aliens live in secret underground bases because they do not want to be found by the hostile alien species that allegedly launched a genocidal nuclear attack on the Mars civilization millions of years ago.

While ignoring skeptics and critics who pointed out that DNA tests have proven that the Atacama Alien was human, some observant UFO hunters drew attention to the shape of the body of the six-inch alien on Mars and speculated that it was likely a female Martian.

"This human-like figure is peering around the corner of a rock wall and I can make out its head, chest, shoulders, arm, leg, knee, and foot from this one close up photo," Waring wrote. "Paranormal Crucible says it is about six inches...I agree. This is one of the species that once lived on Mars and is still living there now, but in lower numbers."

The latest discovery has sparked lively discussion online and pitted believers against skeptics.

"What a load of old cobblers!" an exasperated skeptic exclaimed.

"If it was an alien what does he live on?" another skeptic asked. "There is no vegetation on Mars. Where does he live? There are no buildings. What does he drink?"

A believer explained that alien hunters have found trees and plants on Mars. They have also found buildings and water, he added.

"So what was this alien breathing then?" another skeptic asked.

"Martian air," the believer answered. "Much lower pressure than Earth. But he is only six inches. His lungs are tiny."

Skeptics rejected the explanations, arguing that alien hunters see UFOs and aliens on Mars due to related psychological phenomena called apophenia and pareidolia.

Both refer to the tendency of the pattern-seeking functions of the human brain to perceive familiar forms in otherwise random stimuli. Pareidolia refers specifically to the tendency to perceive faces in a jumble of random stimuli.

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