Salvador Bimbo: Golden State Warriors Fan Fighting For His Life After Being Thrown From Upper Deck Of Oracle Arena By Cleveland Cavaliers Fan During Game 7 Brawl

Salvador Bimbo is fighting for his life in an Oakland intensive care unit after the Golden State Warriors fan was thrown from the upper deck of Oracle Arena during a Game 7 brawl between fans.

The 21-year-old husband and father of two had just watched his team lose the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers when he was mixed up in a brawl among fans in the second deck of the Oakland arena. While details of the fight are still coming to light, reports indicate that Bimbo was pushed over the railing near Section 220 of the arena, sending him crashing 50 feet to the seats below.

He suffered a number of serious injuries.

Salvador Bimbo’s father, Ronnie, told KRON 4 that his son was not participating in the fight but had pulled out a camera to record it. That was when “somebody picked him up from his legs and pushed him over while he was recording,” Ronnie claimed.

Ronnie Bimbo said his son underwent surgery on Wednesday for the injuries he suffered in Sunday’s fall. Salvador Bimbo had traveled from Los Angeles to see Game 7, and his father paid for the ticket.

“This is one game I tried for him not to leave to stay with me for Father’s Day in Los Angeles,” Ronnie Bimbo told KPIX-TV. “And he came to me, and he said, ‘Dad, you know this is my dream. I want to see them win.’ I gave him money, and I told him, ‘Go.’ ”

Salvador Bimbo took his 12-year-old brother to the game, posting some videos to Instagram from outside the arena and inside just as the game was starting.

Ronnie Bimbo said he found out about his son’s injuries when he got a call from the hospital.

“He was very, very critical, and I was just scared of the next word they was going to tell me,” Ronnie Bimbo said. “He still has a long road ahead of him.”

Ronnie Bimbo also believes there are people with evidence of the fight, including a possible recording. Oakland police are searching surveillance footage from inside the arena, and family members are calling on potential witnesses to come forward.

“If somebody out there has a video of this person, of what happened, if they can call Oakland PD,” Ronnie said. “And for us to put a stop to something like this to happen in the future at a 49er game, at a Warrior game, at a stadium, there should be more concern for the people’s safety.”

Family members have also started a GoFundMe page to help pay for some medical expenses that Salvador Bimbo will face after crashing from the second level in Oracle Arena. The page has raised close to $1,500 so far toward a goal of $25,000 and also attracted attention from across the country. Some people left messages to Salvador wishing him a full recovery.

“Will pray for you and your family. I pray for your recovery and I pray for justice. God bless you Salvador, our fellow Warriors brother,” one donor wrote.

The attack also attracted nationwide attention, with coverage on CBS News and other national outlets. Many people spoke out against what appeared to be a senseless act of violence over something trivial like sports, especially if it was true that the attacker was a Cleveland Cavaliers fan getting into a fight rather than celebrating the team’s first-ever title.

Police said no arrests have been made in the attack on Salvador Bimbo inside Oracle arena and that the suspect or suspects remain at large.

[Image via GoFundMe page]