Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan Debut Innovative Split-Screen Visual For ‘Make You Stay’

Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan Debut Innovative Split-Screen Visual For 'Make You Stay'

Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron are back as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher in the adorable new music video, “Make You Stay” which trended worldwide on its first day on YouTube, June 16.

McCartan plays the dorky Boy Next Door ready to pick up the pieces for Dove when she ditches her drama-riddled beau, played by Luke Benward.

By the early morning hours of June 21, “Make You Stay” had reached 1 million total views, according to Headline Planet.

The numbers confirm fans’ enthusiasm for the freshly-created group, The Girl And The Dreamcatcher, which is comprised of real-life couple Dove and Ryan.

After teasing followers on social media, the duo debuted the split-screen story.

“Make You Stay” is the lead single off of their upcoming Negatives EP, which will drop in July. McCartan explained how the song is a bit of a departure for the duo.

“The ‘Make You Stay’ video was our first attempt at something a little more pedestrian.

“We enjoyed working with simpler, more texturized visuals in order to contrast (and not distract from) the difficult element of the split screen. We hope fans enjoy watching the video, it’s two for the price of one!”

The song, which People described as “infectious,” is getting rave reviews. The couple said that the lyrics hit close to home for them.

“We as a songwriting collaboration, a musical partnership and as a couple continue to dance around very real images and conversations that have happened between us.

“‘What’ve I gotta do to make you stay?’ is a real feeling we’ve had for each other. When we were first getting together. When she leaves for Vancouver to do a movie. When he leaves for New York to do a play. We’re so deeply ingrained in each other’s lives, and yet we’re constantly being pulled apart by a varying degree of things. This song captures that desperation we have for each other in a fun and zany way.”

Dove Cameron, 20, is the star of Disney’s hit, Liv and Maddie, and recently posted a photo on Instagram of the cast’s last table read for the show’s finale. The picture shows Dove breaking down in an emotional moment, hugging costar Shelby Wulfert.

“Last table read ever of Liv and Maddie, emotions on high!”

Cameron met McCartan, 22, on the set of Liv and Maddie, and the two didn’t like each other at first, as she explained in an exclusive two-part Inquisitr interview.

“We both insulted each other within the first five minutes of being in one another’s presence.

“But then five minutes after that, when the Liv and Maddie producers told us to ‘Stand really close, look in each other’s eyes and act like you like each other,’ (quote), we found that we had quite a different chemical reaction to one another.

“Polar opposites then, polar opposites now. But now it works to our advantage as a business team, and as a real-life, real-love couple.”

The couple became engaged this spring, but are in no rush to make it legal, McCartan told People.

“We want to do it right, and planning a wedding is no small feat, and we don’t want it to be something that we have to squeeze in between jobs, so we’re going to wait until the right moment. We’re going to do it the way we want to and take our time – we have plenty.”

McCartan is slated to play Brad in FOX’s upcoming live production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“Make You Stay” is available on iTunes.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]