'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Cast Sightings Reveal Who's Dead In Season 7?

The Walking Dead may not return for Season 7 until October, but fans are still trying to figure out who Negan killed in that shocking Season 6 finale cliffhanger.

According to Design & Trend, fans have been keeping a close eye on which of the Walking Dead actors that have been spotted on set, and are trying to use the sightings to figure out which one of the characters will be revealed as dead during Season 7.

The actors who play characters such as Rick, Carl, Daryl and Maggie have all been seen multiple times throughout the course of the Season 7 filming, while others, namely the three biggest candidates to be Negan's victim have been seen far less.

The report revealed that the actress who plays Michonne hasn't been seem much, and neither has the actor who plays Glenn. Meanwhile, the man who plays Abraham has only been spotted on set one time since The Walking Dead started filming Season 7, and fans are likely to believe that Abe may have been a victim of Negan.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Who did Negan kill?
[Image via AMC]While nothing has been confirmed, some rumors are suggesting that Negan may actually kill two of the characters from the now infamous lineup. Many people are suspecting that Glenn will be the one whom fans watched get his head bashed in from a first person perspective at the end of Season 6, especially since he's Negan's victim in the comic book series. However, there is another option. Abraham may actually try to help his friend and/or act out against the violence. This could lead to both men being killed in a span of minutes, which would be devastating to Rick's group, as well as the fans.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, death scenes have allegedly been filmed for each and every member in Negan's lineup. This was reportedly done to help thwart any Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers from being leaked online.

During Season 6 many spoilers were leaked, including Negan's entire introduction and kill scene. AMC is trying to crack down on the spoilers, and has even reportedly threatened a lawsuit against one of the biggest online fan pages if they release any spoilers.

As far as The Walking Dead's future beyond Season 7, it looks to be pretty secure. The series is one of the biggest on TV, and producer Greg Nicotero says the show won't end anytime soon, according to Digital Spy.

Walking Dead Spoilers: Who will die in Season 7?
[Image via AMC]
"I love that we show up for work every day as if it was our first day on the job. That level of commitment from the cast and crew keeps the spirit of the show alive. As long as that stays alive then we can keep it going for as long as we want it to go on."
This is great news for Walking Dead fans who want to see many of the storylines from the comic books play out. If the writers continue to blend their own ideas with the source material, viewers should be in for some seriously big surprises as the show continues to roll on and on.

All the while, the show's spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead is picking up momentum after finishing its second season only weeks ago. While it doesn't seem likely they'll ever be a crossover episode between the two shows, more spin-offs could easily be set in the vast Walking Dead universe, and the possibilities are endless. Other countries could come into play, or possibly a series about a group trying to find a cure to the virus that has infected everyone.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Negan killed Glenn or Abraham?

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