Is Harry Styles The Poorest Member Of One Direction? Investments Not Adding Up

It was recently pointed out that Harry Styles was covering up vandalism on the walls of his home in the cheapest way possible, but is this simply more evidence that Harry Styles might be the poorest member of One Direction?

The Sun reported on June 12 that Harry Styles “scrimped” to paint over graffiti on the walls of his estimated $5 million mansion in the U.K., but is it because he is not as rich as people assume he is?

Harry Styles possibly has the least amount of money out of all One Direction members

Latin Post writes around February 2 that Harry Styles officially left One Direction management to go solo, but did he have to do this as a business decision because, unlike other members of 1D, Harry Styles has to keep working?

One of the main reasons that any celebrity needs to keep working (or permanently go into hiding) is due to their needs for security. Proving this, Daily Mail snapped a photo of Harry Styles running with a bodyguard while filming Dunkirk in France around June 16.

According to an ABC News report from 2013, Harry Styles could be spending as much as “$250,000 and $1.5 million per year” on security.

Basic needs for a celebrity obviously can cost a pretty penny. Interestingly, since One Direction decided to take a break in January, most of them have been resting up while Harry Styles seems to be working as hard as ever.

For example, along with accepting a role in the movie Dunkirk, Independent writes that Harry Styles will also play Mick Jagger in a film.

There are also rumors that Harry Styles could be involved with other non-music projects like Teen Wolf Season 6 episodes or joining Scream Queens for a few episodes, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Clearly, Harry Styles works hard for his fans, and, although some celebrities seem to be tired of their fame, Harry takes time to make sure fans feel special, even while working on filming for Dunkirk, according to Mirror.

Alternatively, Harry Styles might need the support of his fans more than ever because his net worth might be the lowest in One Direction. There are many reports about the wealth of One Direction each year; Forbes states they made $130 million in 2015 alone and Money Nation says their overall net worth as of January 2016 is $398 million.

Despite this, there are few individual breakdowns that clearly indicate how much Harry Styles has in investments or liquid assets after paying for costs, taxes, and other expenditures. The message about Harry Styles being the poorest member of One Direction is not stated verbatim, but there are some facts that seem to make this claim indirectly.

One of the ways to figure out how much Harry Styles and One Direction are making outside of ticket sales, merchandise profits, or royalties is to pay attention to their investments. Since their fans are usually interested in their updates about music, Harry Styles and One Direction are rarely perceived as businessmen when they do in fact wear that hat regularly.

For example, Daily Mail recently pointed out that Harry Styles and One Direction were getting investigated by the tax authorities in the U.K. and this revealed their profits went through their company, 1D Media. Sugarscape claims in 2013 that Harry Styles and 1D also own “1D Live LLP… PPM Music and Rollcall Touring.”

Harry Styles compared to other One Direction members might not have a great deal of financial security

The 1D Business Tumblr lists other One Direction businesses as individual media/publishing companies that all five original members have.

Most of One Direction’s company profits are split equally between them, but there are a few key exceptions. In particular, other forms of income that members of One Direction enjoy (that Harry Styles does not) pertains to 5 Seconds of Summer.

According to Mirror, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are the “directors” of 5SOS and could potentially draw a bigger check because of their status. The rest of One Direction members such as Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan get an equal take of 50 percent of 5SOS’ profits.

Although all members of One Direction get royalties for their music, the payout is not split evenly and Harry Styles gets one of the smallest cuts.

In particular, Louis Tomlinson is listed the most times as a “songwriter” for One Direction with almost 40 1D songs to his credit while Harry Styles has half of that. Niall Horan only has about 20 and Liam Payne has approximately 34 One Direction songwriting credits.

On March 24, 2014, Perez Hilton explains this lack of songwriters credits could cost Harry Styles significantly because it is up to 9 percent of the profits for each song.

On the other hand, MTV reports on February 24, 2015, that Harry Styles might have a secret songwriting career as “Mick Greenberg” and cite ASCAP. Could this mean that Harry Styles potentially has other secret money investments, or is Harry Styles the only member of One Direction that will never get to retire?

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