John Cramsey: Pennsylvania Drug Vigilante On His Way to ‘Rescue’ Drug Addict Arrested For Carrying ‘Arsenal’ In His Car

John Cramsey, a gun range owner, was arrested with two other people before entering a tunnel in New York after police uncovered what was described as an “arsenal” in his car, the Daily Mail is reporting.

The cache of weapons included a pump action shotgun, a SAR-98 Salamander Arms assault rifle, one.45 caliber pistol. four 9mm pistols, over 2,000 rounds of ammunition, half a dozen knives, body armor, tactical goggles, night vision goggles, and a Kevlar bullet-resistant helmet.

The 50-year-old, a self-appointed “vigilante,” was on his way to a Brooklyn hotel to “extract” a teenager from a situation that involved drugs. Cramsey had lost his 20-year-old daughter to a heroin overdose four months prior.

Cramsey was picked up Tuesday outside the Holland Tunnel along with Kimberly Arendt, 29, and Dean Smith, 52. Cramsey owns Higher Ground Tactical in Emmanus, Pennsylvania, and is co-founder of a group called “Enough is Enough,” created to combat the “menace” of drugs on the streets.

The Pennsylvania trio was detained by police on a day that marked the four-month anniversary that Cramsey’s daughter died. Alexandria “Lexii” Cramsey, 20, had died of a fentanyl and heroin overdose on February 21, alongside her boyfriend, Marquillies Calhoun, 22. Their deaths were ruled accidental, but from then on, Cramsey, a native of Zionsville, Pennsylvania, had embarked on a mission to fight against the drug that killed his daughter.

Cramsey had professed his love for his daughter shortly after losing her to a toxic drug cocktail. In a post made in February, he had described himself as an “addict” for his model daughter, who was registered with three agencies in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Mexico.

“Now I want to personally address the confusion of why we proudly display the SHOOT YOUR LOCAL HEROIN DEALER decals. Who are you to judge me for my opinion? Grow up and either get involved … or get out of here!”

Cramsey had revealed in a media interview that he visited the house where his daughter died and even spent time on her bed.

“I wanted to see where she took her last breath. It was like daddy tucking her in one last time.”

In another Facebook post, Cramsey had revealed that he was on his way to pick up a 16-year-old who went to party with friends at a Brooklyn hotel.

“One of those friends she went up there with will not be returning. This young lady wants to go home. She woke to find her friend’s body next to her … her friend died of another heroin overdose. I’m bringing her out today and anybody else that wants to home too.”

Police have charged Cramsey and the other two accomplices with illegal possession of guns and ammunition. A friend, John Berthel, said it was perfectly legal to drive around with guns in Pennsylvania, but admitted Cramsey made a mistake crossing through state lines with loaded weapons.

Arendt’s mother, Michele Plocinik, told reporters that the trio was only trying to help, saying that her daughter had received an upsetting message Tuesday morning from a young woman who said she was on drugs and in trouble in New York City. Arendt had told Cramsey about it because they belonged to the same anti-drug group. Smith had tagged along because he was a videographer.

However, some people say they are not surprised with Cramsey’s arrest, hinting that his rage against the drug that killed his daughter was always going to get him into trouble. Some of his Facebook posts have been threatening, with pictures of him pointing weapons at fictitious drug dealers and ranting about being a one-man anti-drug army.

One of his recent posts read, “Word on the Streets says that you f***s have put a ‘Bounty’ out on my head. Bring it … I’d be more than happy to introduce you to my daughter. LET THE PURGE BEGIN.”

Do you believe John Cramsey was attempting to do the right thing?

[Image via Port Authority of New York Police]