Johnny Depp Divorce Drama Causes Amber Heard To Lose 20 Pounds From ‘Overwhelming Stress’

Amid the drama of her divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has become increasingly thin. Now, about a week after the anticipated court hearing about Johnny Depp was postponed, Heard was seen returning to Los Angeles at the airport looking “noticeably thinner,” reported People.

The court battle has been rescheduled for later this summer, and in the interim, Amber was observed at LAX with a man assumed to have taken on the role of her bodyguard. Heard sported a black hat, black blouse, and black skinny jeans.

The 30-year-old actress filed for divorce from Depp in May. Amber then requested and was granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny, alleging that she suffered during their marriage when he abused her. Since those accusations of domestic violence, Amber rarely has appeared publicly.

Rather than the anticipated court battle, Heard received an extension of the temporary restraining order against Depp last week. That court hearing about making the order permanent now will take place in mid-August, on the 15th and 16th. Although an August 2 status conference has been scheduled as well, the estranged husband and wife do not have to be present at that conference.

Amber Heard reportedly has lost 20 pounds since the drama of her divorce from Johnny Depp began.
While Amber looks “worryingly thin” as her divorce from Johnny continues to play out in public, Depp is staying out of the spotlight at his private island. He is expected to remain in the Bahamas until his band tour resumes in July or a new court date requires him to return, according to a source cited by the Daily Mail.

Amber Heard has accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence.
Heard recently traveled to Britain in order to hype an upcoming film, Justice League. But while Amber has returned to Los Angeles, turning heads with her extreme weight loss, Johnny is staying on his island and getting visits from his children.

Johnny’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp, 17, recently visited her father on his island, and the source noted that, when it comes to reasons to return to Los Angeles, Depp only misses his children.

“[Johnny] misses nothing about L.A. but his kids, and they are visiting him in the Bahamas.”

Heard has accused Depp of both verbal and physical abuse, and her noticeable weight loss is attributed to stress from her divorce drama with the actor. Amber has reportedly lost a total of 20 pounds as a result of what she describes as “overwhelming stress.”

Amber Heard struggles with stress amid divorce drama.
Amber’s attorneys stated that the actress was not available for a deposition because of the costume fitting. However, TMZ claims that Heard never traveled to London to have her costumes fitted because the production crew was concerned about her extreme weight loss.

The ongoing divorce drama in many cases has dissolved into a debate between Team Depp and Team Heard. In terms of the London trip for the costume fitting, for example, Johnny’s attorney planned to take Amber’s deposition in the domestic abuse case. Her lawyers responded explaining that the actress needed to travel to London to have her wardrobe fitted for her film and would not return until the night of the court hearing.

Although the judge accepted that explanation, TMZ claims that Heard “never went to London.” Amber’s side allegedly explained that the trip was cancelled due to her weight loss, which caused producers to decide she was not “camera-ready.”

Moreover, Team Heard alleges that they did not receive enough notice, while Team Depp disagreed. The question of whether she was in the city, as well as whether she is willing to make her allegations under oath and be cross-examined also has turned into a debate.

However, the claims that Amber is trying to avoid giving a deposition to the attorneys representing Johnny are “untrue,” an insider told E News.

Instead, the source revealed that the actress “wants to go to court.” However, on two occasions, Johnny’s lawyers asked to depose Amber but then failed to obey the “appropriate court protocol.”

As for the decision to postpone the court hearing and extend the temporary restraining order, the insider pointed to Depp’s attorney, Laura Wasser.

“[It was Wasser’s] request to continue the domestic violence restraining order hearing. Wasser gets one request for a continuance and she requested it so therefore the hearing will be continued postponed. The Temporary Restraining Order has been reissued and will remain in place [until the next hearing],” added the source.

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