‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava And Nikolas Scramble, Morgan And Kiki Talk, Nina Remains Wistful, And Jason And Sam’s Hunt Continues

'General Hospital' star Maura West

Viewers have a lot to look forward to in Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Sam and Jason will be making bold moves to try to find Ava and Nikolas while Franco and Elizabeth have to face what comes next after their kiss. Paul and Anna will be interacting during the June 23 show, as will Morgan and Kiki. What else is on the way?

During Wednesday’s show, Sam and Jason overheard Huxley talk about his special guests as he searched her hotel room for the figurine. Sam and Jason decided to follow Huxley back to his place, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that things could get wild there. Ava and Nikolas are working on escaping, but can they get away?

General Hospital spoilers from the previews share that Huxley’s partner Margarethe will stop Ava and Nikolas before they can escape. As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Ava apparently does something extreme to try to ensure that she and Nikolas can get away. Will she physically harm Margarethe to save the duo, or could she do something that ensures she escapes, while leaving Nik behind?

As Ava and Nikolas are trying to escape, Jason and Sam will get to the estate and try to plan their next moves. Sam will be telling Jason about how much is at risk if their plan doesn’t succeed. Will they find Nikolas and Ava and help rescue them or will they be too late?

Anna decided that perhaps she was ready to dip her toes back into the dating pool, and she was preparing to go on a blind date. General Hospital spoilers tease that Paul and Anna will be having quite the conversation during Thursday’s show, so it looks like he may end up being her blind date.

Paul has previously claimed that he has romantic feelings for Anna, but she has dismissed him. He will be telling her that he thinks she likes him, and while she will surely think this is annoying, some wonder if something could develop between Paul and Anna after all.

Morgan is back in Port Charles and ran into Kiki, and General Hospital spoilers detail that the two will have an emotional talk with one another. She is in the early stages of a romance with Dillon, but Morgan can’t entirely let go of her. Soap Central shares that he will open up to her, surely about how he still cares a great deal for her, but it seems that Kiki will work on clearing the air and gently let Morgan know that she is truly moving on from their relationship.

Nina is starting to regret her split with Franco, and she has propositioned him in hopes of reconnecting. However, Franco just shared a kiss with Elizabeth, and there is more with these two during Thursday’s show.

Franco has been rather down on himself lately, but General Hospital spoilers detail that he will open up to Elizabeth about how it feels as if she believes in him. These two have clearly been moving toward a romance with one another for a while, and this kiss will definitely have an impact on them. Will they consider dating, or is it too soon?

Dillon will be talking with Nina about Franco as she tries to sort through her feelings. Maxie already tried to remind her that there were significant problems that led to the split with Franco, but Nina is feeling wistful and lonely, and she is seemingly going to struggle to back away from this line of thinking.

Could something develop between Anna and Paul, and are Elizabeth and Franco headed for a romance? Will Jason and Sam track down Nikolas and Ava or will the search continue? Spoilers share that there is plenty more drama on the way in the coming episodes, and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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