‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam And Wyatt Butt Heads, Bill Takes Sides, And Thomas Stuns Ridge As Caroline Intervenes

What is set to play out on Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers indicate that there is drama ahead between Thomas and Ridge while Bill has to intervene between Wyatt and Liam at work. What else is coming up on the June 23 show?

As everybody saw on Wednesday, Liam and Steffy had a very difficult discussion about trying to let go of one another. She insists that she truly wants to stay in her marriage to Wyatt, and Liam says that he will try to follow his father’s example about dedication and respect. Of course, his perspective will surely change a great deal at whatever point the truth about Bill’s affair with Brooke emerges.

Brooke has been feeling guilty about being with Bill behind Katie’s back but not guilty enough to put a stop to the affair. Bill and Brooke were together again and almost got caught by Rick, but Bill has insisted that the only way he will stay in his marriage to Katie is if Brooke continues to sneak around with him.

The latest Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that during Thursday’s show, Wyatt and Liam willend up butting heads with one another in some way. Previews show Liam talking about how he would like to see Spencer Publications use the power they have to do some good in the world. Is this charitable suggestion what sets Wyatt off in some way? Is their argument based off of a power struggle for position at Spencer, with the Steffy issue most certainly behind all of the conflict?

Whatever sets the two men off, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Bill will have to intervene. He will be forced to pick a side between the two, and this could certainly get sticky. In the past, he has tended to favor Liam, a fact that has always been a struggle for Wyatt. However, with this Steffy situation, he has definitely stuck by Wyatt’s side. Is it time for the pendulum to swing back the other way a bit?


Thursday’s show also brings an emotional confrontation involving Thomas, Ridge, and Caroline. Thomas has been struggling ever since he found out that he is Douglas’ biological father. Ridge tried to force him out of town, but that didn’t work, and the trio came to something of an agreement about how to have Thomas in the baby’s life but maintain the secret for the sake of the extended family and the company.

Now, however, it seems that Thomas will decide that he cannot live this way. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central note that Thomas will blindside Ridge, and it looks like he will be quite upset and talk about how he is struggling to live with the fact that his own father took his son away from him. While Ridge will likely try to manhandle his son on this situation the same way he has been doing, Caroline will intervene.


Caroline has been struggling with these lies all along, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she may find this to be her breaking point. Previews show her pleading for them to start telling the truth about who Douglas’ father is. Ridge will probably reject this idea, but it sounds as if she may go on to find a compromise of some sort that allows Thomas to be a father to his son and protect everybody involved.

Will the trio agree to become more open about the Douglas situation? It sounds as if this paternity secret will still swirl around as Bold and Beautiful spoilers have teased that soon Katie and Rick will team up to take down Ridge, and this Douglas situation will almost certainly be a key to doing so.

Whose side will Bill pick when Liam and Wyatt do battle? When will Katie find out about the affair between her husband and Brooke? Can Steffy really stay in her marriage and let go of what she had with her ex? Spoilers share that there are explosive moments on the way, and fans will not want to miss what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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