Kelly Dodd Reveals She Found Vicki Gunvalson To Be Very Gracious On ‘RHOC’

Kelly Dodd is the newest housewife to join The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly is a friend of Meghan King Edmonds and she joined the show in hopes of having fun with the ladies. Dodd is definitely a very outspoken and wild person, something that the cast members may enjoy. And when Kelly met the ladies at Heather Dubrow’s party, there were definitely some cast members who were more open than others. Surprisingly, Kelly found Vicki Gunvalson to be graceful, which was a shock for her co-stars, considering Vicki was trying to move on from the cancer scandal that rocked The Real Housewives of Orange County last year.

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing her first impressions of each of the housewives, revealing that she actually clicked very well with Vicki Gunvalson. Dodd was very pleased to be invited to Heather’s party, even though they didn’t really know one another. Dubrow had revealed that she was holding the party to bring those who she cared about close, so they could move on together and leave the past in the past.

“It was very nice of Heather to invite us to her party on the yacht. Heather is a gracious hostess and made us feel welcomed from the start. Everything about the evening, the decorations, food, drinks, service, etc. was first class. She definitely knows how to throw a party,” Kelly Dodd explains in her blog.

Dodd then explains that she totally understands what Heather and Terry had gone through with the health issues. Her husband and his brother suffer from a similar thing, which is scary for her family. But during the party, Kelly was focused on getting to know each of the housewives.

“It didn’t take long for me to sense the chemistry I have with each of the ladies. My brash mouth and sarcastic, sophomoric humor isn’t for everyone. Tamra, Vicki and Meghan laughed at my ‘Kellyisms.’ Shannon not so much. Actually, not at all. Oh well. Hopefully, she’ll lighten up,” Kelly Dodd reveals in her blog, sharing that she hopes that things will get better with Shannon over time.

The preview for the next episode does reveal that Kelly Dodd confronts Shannon about being uptight the day they met one another. One can imagine that Beador had plenty of things to think about when she went to the party, as she may not have expected Vicki to be there.

“When Vicki entered the party, the tension was palpable. It didn’t seem to upset Vicki too much though. She handled herself with grace and dignity. Vicki and I hit it off immediately. She is sweet, considerate and funny. This is going to be a great friendship,” Kelly Dodd points out.

But Meghan King Edmonds doesn’t quite see it that way. Meghan and Kelly were friends prior to this premiere episode, and Meghan had warned Kelly about Vicki being clingy, since she may not have had anyone else at the party to talk to. And Meghan was right about Vicki going straight for the new housewife.

“I was excited for everyone to meet Kelly, but I was actually shocked when Kelly immediately bonded with Vicki. I warned her that Vicki might be using her since she was the only person left for Vicki to use to weasel her way back into the crew. So far I’m right on point with that thinking…” Meghan reveals in her own blog for the show, according to Reality Tea.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd’s impressions of the housewives? Are you surprised that Kelly bonded with Vicki so much during their first meeting?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]