Marc Jacobs Adds Kendall Jenner, Marilyn Manson And Courtney Love To Star-Studded Goth Fall ‘16 Fashion Campaign

Marc Jacobs has gone to the dark side. The famed designer has scored some famous faces for his Fall ’16 ad campaign, and these models definitely have an edge. According to Time, Jacobs has signed Kendall Jenner and hard rockers Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love as the faces for his eerie, Goth-inspired fall fashion collection.

Marc Jacobs posted pics of his famous muses to Instagram. In his caption under Jenner’s image, he described the reality star as a “supermodel” with an incredible work ethic. Kendall’s first fashion show for Marc Jacobs was in Fall 2014, and she has been a part of every Jacobs show since.

While Marc has had a great working relationship with Kendall Jenner for more than two years, he has known Marilyn Manson for more than two decades. In his Instagram post about the rock star, Jacobs revealed he met Manson at a Halloween party in 1996, shortly after his album Antichrist Superstar was released.

“It was after meeting him that I started listening to his music, in large part because I was intrigued by his persona and curious about his perverse and incredible intellect,” Jacobs wrote.

Marc Jacobs used Manson’s anthem “The Beautiful People” for his Fall 2011 runway show, but now he’s using the man himself.


Marc Jacobs also had kind words for Courtney Love, describing the widow of Kurt Cobain as a “grunge goddess” and crediting her ’90s style as a great influence on his famous “grunge collection” show when he was creative director at Perry Ellis back in 1992. Jacobs described Love’s messier early ’90s look to today’s “kinder-whore Courtney.”
Marc Jacobs’ Fall ‘ 16 campaign is definitely star-studded. In addition to the aforementioned names, he has cast rapper Missy Elliott, actress Cara Delevingne, and ’70s Carrie star Sissy Spacek in his fall 2016 ads.

While the Goth outfits are the centerpiece for the ads, Jacobs’ behind-the-scenes staff put the finishing touches on the Goth models. According to the beauty website Into the Gloss, Jacobs’ employs gig name makeup artists like François Nars and Jin Soon for some of his runway shows. Nars noted that inspiration for this season’s looks come from singers like Alice Cooper and underground New York performers.

“Some have dark eyes with very strong liner and no lips,” Francois said of Jacobs’ models. “Not much foundation, a little bit shiny and not like a cosmetic look. We like to be away from anything that’s too perfect, like foundation and lipstick. All the eyebrows are gone because it gives a much blanker canvas so you can really restructure the whole face and you can make the eyelid really big… it just changes the whole face.”

Goth nails gotta be black, so Jin Soon explained the secret to that look, courtesy of Marc Jacobs brand polish.

“It’s called Blacquer,” Soon said. “Marc really likes to have it super shiny, so on top of this black color, we are using a high shine top coat called Shiny. It’s about Goth looks from all different periods, so we tried to do a more sophisticated spin on this. The good thing about this color is that it has super great pigment, which means it covers really well with one coat. And Marc specifically told me on the test, ‘Jin! Short nails, short nails!’ Because you don’t want to have dagger nails with this one, otherwise it becomes too much, so short nails and high shine will make you more sophisticated.”

While he now has his Goth posse in place, this is not the first time Marc Jacobs has scoured Hollywood for his models. In addition to his frequent use of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter, Jacobs’ past star-studded campaigns have included stars such as Bette Midler, Adriana Lima, Cher, Sofia Coppola, Willow Smith, and Winona Ryder, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Take a look at the video below for more on Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2016 show.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]