‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Actor Admits His Biggest Mistake In ‘Battle Of The Bastards’ [Spoilers]

A certain Game of Thrones Season 6 actor has admitted that his deceased character made a grave mistake in Battle of the Bastards. It was a mistake that plenty of people noticed during the episode, taking to social media to scream at him.

Art Parkinson played Rickon Stark in Thrones. After leaving his brother Bran at the end of Season 3, he and Osha presumably travelled to the Umbers and sought refuge. It wasn’t until Season 6 that the viewers finally got to find out what happened to the youngest Stark boy: House Umber used him to prove loyalty to the Boltons. Ramsay was going to use him to win against Jon Snow and his pack of Wildlings.

Sansa knew that her brother was marked for death, along with the Game of Thrones fans. He hadn’t been the most favorite character of all, not even being around for two seasons. It was clear that something would happen to bring Jon away from the others and threaten his death, again.

As Ramsay let Rickon loose—telling him to run to his brother—the viewers knew what was going to happen. Ramsay was going to kill Rickon somehow, whether it was to set the dogs on him or shoot at him with arrows; already making it clear earlier in Game of Thrones that Ramsay is a very skilled archer. In the end, it was with arrows, and this is why Parkinson admits that his character made a grave mistake.

Fans took to Twitter to tell Rickon to zig zag; also referred to as running serpentine. This would have made it harder for Ramsay to hit him with an arrow, although not impossible. Fans are angry because anyone in their right mind who wanted to survive would have thought about this.

Parkinson says that it wasn’t his choice in the Game of Thrones Season 6 episode to run in a straight line, according to IGN. It was the writers, who have come under fire for various other mistakes done mainly to serve the plot. Emergency Awesome on YouTube makes a point that the writers likely wanted to serve the plotline, even if it meant the character would do something that didn’t follow logic. It wasn’t the first time that happened in the episode, with Sansa not even telling Jon that Littlefinger was on his way to help.

The 14-year-old actor says that he just stuck to the script. That is his job as an actor, something that Natalie Dormer has said previously. The actress who plays Queen Margaery made a point that it is not up to the actors to defend writing decisions. As actors they need to make the most of the script they are given. While they can ask some questions, it’s not for them to completely change things.

Game of Thrones continues with the Season 6 finale on Sunday. With Ramsay Bolton now gone, the question is who will fans have left to hate? Is it possible that Ramsay’s hatred is now deep inside Sansa and she will become the one with questionable morals as she fails to feel like she can trust anyone? Will another character step forward to be the most hated on the show?

The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale will air on Sunday night. This will be the episode to pit the crown and faith against each other, while setting the stage for Season 7, presumably premiering next April. Will there be any more questionable writing decisions like Rickon’s lack of running zig zag? That could possible happen this week in Game of Thrones on HBO.

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