Jamie Foxx ‘Protecting Suri Cruise’ As Katie Holmes Romance Goes Public, Couple To Remain Private With Relationship

Jamie Foxx has kept his relationship with Katie Holmes private out of respect for the actress’ daughter, Suri Cruise, it has been revealed.

Jamie, who was once said to have been good pals with Tom Cruise, has been dating Katie for several years. They have both managed to keep their relationship under wraps for so long because, whenever they were asked about their romance, both stars would simply deny it, claiming it was nothing more than another rumor.

Sources are now stressing that the real reason why Jamie and Katie have remained so quiet over the years is because they don’t want the media intruding on their lives, especially since Suri is now at the age where she’s exposed to everything the tabloids write about her parents.

The couple were already worried about their romance being exposed to the public, fearing that Tom Cruise wouldn’t approve of the relationship, as the actor had been friends with Jamie ever since they famously starred in the movie Collateral together.

But now, with everything being out in the open, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have geared themselves up for the media storm that is bound to erupt. Every news outlet will be following their every move, which will make it much harder for the twosome to protect Suri from the chaos that is waiting to happen.

Katie is already fearing that when she leaves her home with her daughter by her side, she will have dozens of photographers questioning her of whether dating her ex-husband’s friend was an intentional move to spite Cruise following their nasty divorce.

“Jamie, Katie, and Suri are already a little family and one of the biggest reasons he’s kept his relationship with Katie on the down low is for Suri’s protection. He wants to protect Suri like she’s his own daughter.”

“He doesn’t want to see her face splashed across magazines and on websites. Never in any part of Jamie’s career did he parade his [two] daughters around in front of the cameras and he’s making sure the same doesn’t happen with Suri,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life.

With reports having alleged that Tom Cruise has been absent from his daughter’s life due to his affiliation with Scientology, Jamie Foxx has more or less become a father figure for the 10-year-old. He wouldn’t want Suri thinking anything negative of her dad, nor would he want her to think that the actor is trying to replace Tom from the position he has allegedly neglected himself from for the past year.

It’s a terrible situation to be in when a child is involved, but Jamie and Katie are beginning to prepare themselves for all the questions that are bound to be thrown their way. After all, they are Hollywood actors, and once promotional duties for one of their movies are being held, the couple is aware that the only thing on everybody’s mind will be their secret romance.

Earlier this week, it was alleged that Katie is “terrified” of Tom’s reaction following the news that the actress has been dating Jamie Foxx. Not only because Cruise reportedly considered Jamie a friend of his, but also because Tom might now get the impression that the Django Unchained star may try to replace his role as a father to Suri.

If the rumors regarding Tom’s absence from Suri’s life are true, then there’s really no reason for the actor to feel some type of way about his wife having finally moved on with her life — at least that’s what fans have been stressing on social media.

The source concluded by saying, “Suri means everything to Jamie and he has assumed the role of her father. It’s one of the many reasons why Katie loves him so much. He’s the complete man and a wonderful father and Suri couldn’t be in better hands.”

Jamie Foxx and Katie have yet to respond to the news that they are officially a couple.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici and Theo Wargo/Getty Images]