Jeremy Lin Officially Opts Out Of Contract With Charlotte Hornets

Jack Windham

In a move that did not shock many in the NBA, Jeremy Lin has decided to become a free agent. According to ESPN, he has now officially declined his option year with the Charlotte Hornets. Though Lin might return to the team, he is now free to explore his options.

The reason why people are not shocked that Jeremy Lin is opting out of his contract is because he was set to only make $2.2 million next season. The rising salary cap in the NBA will definitely make Lin a much richer man this fall. The combination guard can command much more than that.

At 28 years of age, Jeremy Lin would be wise to start thinking about his financial future. Though he is certainly far from being ancient, he needs to start making as much money as he can while he is still in the NBA. Capitalizing this summer would be the start of that plan.

There is talk that Jeremy Lin might seek out a starting job somewhere in the NBA. That makes a lot of sense, because ambitious players want to be on the basketball court as much as possible. Immediately accepting a role player gig isn't something that Lin is going to do.

As a third or fourth guard in the rotation, Jeremy Lin should have no problems finding a home in the NBA. He's great at that. Lin provides explosiveness off the bench. He's a wonderful change-of-pace type of back court player. Coaches love having that when they want to control the tempo of the game.

Another potential landing spot just opened up today, as the Chicago Bulls have now traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. The team felt that it was time to move on and build around Jimmy Butler. Lin could be a very good fit for Butler.

Interestingly enough, there were recent reports that the New York Knicks were looking to reunite with Jeremy Lin. They were the franchise where he became a global sensation. Apparently, Carmelo Anthony has softened up on his stance towards Lin tremendously. Trading for Derrick Rose means that Lin won't be back in the Big Apple.

Mike Conley and Rajon Rondo are said as the two best free agent point guards available in the NBA this summer. Many can argue that Jeremy Lin would be right behind them on the list. Once Conley and Rondo are signed to contracts, Lin and his agents will be extremely busy.

Jeremy Lin has earned the right to choose his future in the NBA. He and his agent have positioned the 6'4" guard to take advantage of free agency. Planning ahead and making the most of his opportunity with the Charlotte Hornets are looking like great ideas.

[Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]