June 16, 2013
Should sports personalities tweet during games?

To tweet or not to tweet, today that is really the question. While professional sports league can use sites like Twitter to reach a new generation of fans, and offer a new level of interaction between sports figures and their fans, there is great potential for this interaction to go sideways and teams and leagues may find themselves fighting things in a court of law.

For example lets say I get the chance to host a radio a sports radio show and to more connect with my fans I tweet while I am live on the air. Let us say I get into it with a caller and then Tweet that I though that guy was an _______. Now since I am under the employ of some corporation they are now liable for a slander suit.

When we look at this like that is hardly seems worth it. However many sports leagues are looking at it in a different way, Dallas Mavericks owners was recently fined by the NBA for tweeting about the officials of a game. The NBA does not subscribe to the theory that all press is good press. More to the point the NBA does not want its owners or players criticising its officials live during one of their games.

That is why sooner of later all the major American sports leagues are going to invoke rules against players/owners tweeting while at live games, or maybe even while on any team owned property. What one does at home is their business, but sports leagues will not allow such unrestricted press about their contests.