‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 2 News: Bigger, Bloodier, Groovy

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 just got some new developments that are coming, and executive producer Rob Tapert is dishing it out to fans right now. It seems as though there are exciting new developments for Ash, and Ruby may not be all that bad after all.

In an interview with IGN, Rob Tapert said that season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead is definitely going to outpace Season 1, at least in terms of size and gore. But that does not mean they are going to part with the comedy either, just give it a bolder scope than they did last year.

Given that Season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead was all about the journey to the infamous Evil Dead cabin from the original film, the new scope will take Ash, Pablo, and Kelly down new roads, and the scope of the project will have much more production power.

“It’s a far bigger and more ambitious season than Season 1. From a production point of view, the stories are much bigger, the cast is larger. It’s still Evil Dead-like, but the canvas is broader this season,” Tapert told IGN. “So I think that the writers have posited some really good things, and we’ve been able to embellish this season, what was in the scripts, and make a really wild, visceral ride for the audience.”

What fans already know about season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead is that Ash has taken his leave of the whole Deadite war and has retired himself to Florida, with Kelly and Pablo in tow. In sorts, he kind of saved their lives. But that was also at the possible expense of the entire world given that Ruby struck a deal with him to leave each other alone, in a nutshell.

Lee Majors is joining the cast of Ash vs Evil Dead in Season 2 as Ash’s father. That should make for some interesting comical exchanges between the two. We will also see Ted Raimi join the cast as a guest star, playing the role of Ash’s childhood friend.

Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless were also on the Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 set when IGN got to visit their New Zealand production locale.

“Season 2 for me is all about Ash going home and seeing the personal side of him,” Bruce Campbell told IGN. “No one knew anything about Ash, where he lived, what he was like. Ash was like a teacher: you’d see him at school, but if you saw him out of school you’d feel weird. Whenever I saw a teacher out of school, I felt was weird; I never liked it. But now we’re going home. We’re following the teacher home from school.”

But some of the weirdest news about Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead is that Ruby, who was exposed as the author of the Necronomicon at the end of Season 1, will not be seen such an evil person after all.

“Ruby is, really, the root of all their problems, but she’s completely dismissed that. She is in complete denial that she is the whole problem,” Lucy Lawless told IGN. “She’s just your friendly neighborhood psychopath, and they have to work with her, try to put her demon spawn back in the box. She’s learning how to behave like a human, and she often succeeds! And, not infrequently, she doesn’t.”

Lawless also said that season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead will have a much bigger production budget and fans will start to view it like a movie. It is, after all, a direct sequel to the Evil Dead film franchise from the 1980s, including Army of Darkness.

[Image via Starz]