Concussion Study: Over 1 Million Children Go Untreated Every Year In U.S.

Robert Haggarty - Author

Jun. 22 2016, Updated 9:47 p.m. ET

A concussion study coming out of the University of Washington, and in collaboration with the University of Colorado and the Seattle Children’s Research Institute has concluded that between 1.1, and 1,9 million children suffer from either a sports or recreation-related concussion every year.

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The concussion study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics last month, and also says that out of the 2 million kids who most likely suffer from a concussion in the United States every year, about half of them are most likely never reported to a doctor, which means that half of them are going completely untreated for what we’ve been finding out is actually a pretty detrimental injury. Sufferers of concussions, especially multiple concussions, and even more so those who incur multiple concussions without having yet recovered from the first and/or last one can suffer from things like memory issues, difficulty concentrating, problems sleeping, irritability, and even severe swelling of the brain in rare circumstances.

The researchers analyzed three data sets from 2013 for their concussion study, which allowed them to look into the numbers of patients diagnosed in emergency rooms and certain other health care conditions across the country.


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