Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Split After 9 Years

Looks like things aren’t ending on a happy note for comedians Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. The pair who have been married for nine years have decided to divorce. According to a source close to the couple, “it’s very amicable.”

Poehler and Arnett were married on August 29, 2003 and share two children together, Archie, 3, and Abel, 2. The two have been somewhat open about the ins and outs of their marriage. In an interview with USA Today, Amy Poehler said about her marriage to Arnett, “People think we sit around and make each other laugh and stuff, but we’re real homebodies.” In addition to collaborating as parents, the two have shared the screen many times opposite each other. In the past they’ve played opposite each other in “Arrested Development”, Blades of Glory, Horton! Hears A Who, and “Parks and Recreation.”

Before the couple made the move to Los Angeles for their work commitments, Arnett expressed his thoughts on New York, a place they called home while Poehler was a weekly cast member on “Saturday Night Live”: “Yeah, I don’t think you can live anywhere else — it’s such a great city [New York]. L.A. is kind of a necessary evil, but man, I love going back to New York.”

In 2005, the “Arrested Development” star told TV site Television Without Pity about cleaning up his act right before he met Poehler:
“The summer of 2000 was a real turning point for me, and I kind of got my act together and laid the bottle down and got to work, and really last five years have been the greatest five years of my life, personally and then — as a result of that, I guess — professionally. Six months after that, I met Amy .”

This was Arnett’s second marriage. His first lasted a brief year to actress Penelope Ann Miller in 1995. For Poehler this was her first marriage. Details about the impending divorce to come.