‘Royals’ On E! Has Started Shooting Season Three

The Royals on E! is back in full production this coming week, and the cast, including Elizabeth Hurley, is teasing big secrets, including the fate of Queen Helena. The season two finale of The Royals was so chock full of information that season three of The Royals will need at least one or two episodes just to tie up the loose ends. But luckily, some information is being leaked about a new cast member, and what role he might play.

According to the Inquisitr, this past season of The Royals unveiled new sources of evil from unexpected places, and unveiled the killer of King Simon. E! broadcasted two seasons of The Royals in one year, so it is possible that season three of The Royals might be seen in the fall of 2016. Fans are eager to see the exploits of Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor, and more news about Prince Robert, the would be king. The Royals fans also want to know if King Cyrus is going to die.

Bustle is reporting that while season three of The Royals has started shooting, solid details are few, but theories on the other hand are available. Fans of the E! series The Royals are called Loyals, and they are dying for details about what will happen on the new season.

So in the meantime, Bustle has come up with some of their own theories about what will happen on season three of The Royals. First, they propose that the paternity of the twins, Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam will be revealed. Like many fans, or Loyals, Bustle believes that the twins are the children of King Simon, and this point needs wrapping up.

As for the missing body of King Simon, Queen Helena, played by Elizabeth Hurley, is not going to let this pass without heads rolling. It will be difficult to officially get King Simon’s DNA without his body, which is a hint that the plot point will have to be revealed. Queen Helena suspects that King Cyrus might just be behind this, so that it will be him, and his line which keeps the monarchy in place, and runs the show.

On that same topic, King Cyrus, that ultimate bad guy can’t die. There will have to be some great last minute cure which turns the cancer of King Cyrus around, and might it involve something that only a blood relative like Prince Liam or Princess Eleanor could give? Two birds with one stone on this plot point maybe. Add on to this that quite a few characters assumed dead might just be alive.

And speaking of the presumed dead, E! Online is announcing that British actor Max Brown has been cast as Prince Robert, the would-be king and eldest son of Queen Helena and King Simon. The appearance of Prince Robert might also solve some of the paternity questions, as rightfully, Prince Robert was next in line to the throne, and not Cyrus.

Season one of The Royals started with royal bodyguards rushing to gather Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor back to the palace because Prince Robert had been killed and the family was on high alert. Max Brown is new to The Royals, but previously he has been seen on You, Me and the Apocalypse, as well as the TV shows Agent Carter, Sleepy Hollow and The Tudors.

Though the date for the premiere of season three of The Royals has not yet been announced, it is thought that it might be seen before the end of the year.

Will you watch season three of The Royals? What do you think will be the major plotline?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]