‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Scrapp DeLeon Issues A Message To Fans, Sas Talks About Scrapp’s Prison Experience

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Scrapp DeLeon Releases New Music, Issues A Message To His Fans From Prison

Scrapp DeLeon may already be serving a prison sentence for marijuana trafficking, but that hasn’t slowed down the breakout Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star. Scrapp recently released a new song called “Hustlaz Ambition” from behind bars, proving that nothing will stop the rapper turned reality star from getting work done.

DeLeon also posted a video message for his fans and wants them to know that he appreciates all the mail and well-wishes. Scrapp said in the video that he hasn’t had time to respond to them all yet according to VH1. He’s probably been too busy working on new music and keeping up his business. In addition to releasing a new song this week, Scrapp also unveiled a new Caged King t-shirt. According to his personal website, proceeds from the t-shirt purchases will help to support Scrapp while he serves out his sentence after being convicted of trafficking marijuana.

Scrapp DeLeon reported to prison earlier this year and the whole process was documented on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. His little brother, Sas, recently gave VH1 an update on Scrapp’s condition and where he’s housed while he serves a mandatory 5-year minimum. Scrapp’s sentence was also revealed in recent LHHATL episodes and in addition to his time in prison, DeLeon will also spend 15 years on probation and have to pay back a $100,000 fine.

According to Sas, none of Scrapp’s family has been able to see him since surrendering himself as fans saw on the VH1 reality show. Although the short-lived reality star has already been locked up for more than 90-days, Sas says there have been issues with getting family approved for the visitation list. Part of that issue is related to moving Scrapp DeLeon to his permanent prison from the first one that he was assigned.

It was also learned that Scrapp DeLeon will be serving his time in a maximum security prison even though his crime was non-violent. Sas explained that Scrapp would be staying at Macon State Prison because the maximum security facility could keep him safe. That seems odd considering that Apollo Nida and Joe Giudice from the Real Housewives franchise are spending their time in a minimum security prison camp in New Jersey.

Mendeecees Harris is a Love & Hip Hop New York alum, and is currently spending an 8-year sentence behind bars in Pennsylvania. Mendeecees pled guilty to similar drug trafficking charges as Scrapp DeLeon just before his sentencing last year. Scrapp’s fellow Love & Hip Hop star is serving his time in the low-security FCI Allenwood Federal Prison. So again, why is Scrapp DeLeon serving out his sentence in a maximum security prison?

According to Sas in a recent VH1interview, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is very popular among prison inmates. Scrapp DeLeon’s presence in the prison may have been dangerous for him, which is why Scrapp is currently serving his time alongside some hardcore criminals rather than going to a minimum security facility.

Sas explained that Scrapp has found a group to help keep him safe even while locked up at Macon State Prison. Scrapp and his brother are both Muslim, and Scrapp has fit right in with the Muslim population inside the facility. That has helped to keep others who might try to hurt him away.

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