‘Game Of Thrones’: Emilia Clarke Says She’s Up For A Lesbian Romance

Warning! Spoilers.

Emilia Clarke has hinted that she’s up for some lesbian romance on Game of Thrones. Her remark came right after a hint of flirtation between her character Daenerys Targaryen and Gemma Whelan’s Yara Greyjoy in last week’s episode, called “Battle of the Bastards.”

“Battle of the Bastards” was arguably one of the best episodes in the show’s history. Rated a perfect 10 in IMDb by more than 80,000 users, it was an epic piece of television showcase even by Game of Thrones standards.

As the title suggests, “Battle of the Bastards” primarily revolved around the two bastards of the North — Kit Harington’s much loved Jon Snow, and Iwan Rheon’s much hated Ramsay Bolton (Snow). The episode was full of thrills, from a magnificent battle sequence inspired right out of the history books, to a LOTR-esque intervention by the Army of Vale. And by the end of the episode the fans got what they wanted. As if watching Ramsay get beat to pulp wasn’t satisfying enough, he was actually fed to his own hounds! But Game of Thrones being true to its nature, all this didn’t come without a price. Rickon Stark and the Giant wildling, Wun Wun, will be missed. RIP.

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But this wasn’t all that last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was about. It also featured several crucial events from across the narrow sea. While it was exciting to watch the two dragons Viserion and Rhaegal, join Drogon in obliterating the Masters’ attacking fleets of ships, and the Dothraki horde riding into Meereen, it was something completely different that has managed to capture the imagination of Game of Thrones fans: a hint of flirtation between Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys.

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The show has already established that Yara has a taste for women in an earlier episode where, on her way to Meereen, she partook in some lesbian pleasure. And the latest episode featured an undeniable sexual tension between two of the strongest female characters in the show.

Of course, the fans were quick to notice and tease.

So here’s what happened. The Greyjoy siblings arrange a meet with the Mother of Dragons, where they pledge their ships to her. In exchange they ask for her help in taking back the Iron Islands from their uncle. In response, Daenerys asks them why she should choose them over their uncle, who reportedly has more ships. Yara reveals that her uncle wants to marry her in exchange for his ships.

Slyly, Daenerys asks, “And I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands?”

To this, Yara replies rather suggestively, “I never demand, but I am up for anything really.”

Right after this, the otherwise quite composed queen blushes slightly, almost as if she were pondering the possibility. She is rendered speechless, and even fails to maintain a proper eye contact with Yara, looking down until Theon breaks the awkward silence.

Emilia Clarke gave her opinion on the possibility of a lesbian romance between the two, in a behind-the-scenes HBO video.

Although she is careful not to give away any spoilers, she says that she s not all opposed to the idea.

“There’s mild flirtation, which is exciting to say the least. I mean, get rid of Daario, bring on the ladies. Why not?”

Although Game of Thrones has featured a fair share of homosexuality (Prince Oberyn, Loras Tyrell, Renly Baratheon), this would be the first of such lesbian relationship between two central characters. Would the writers of the show dare go the distance? The fans will just have to wait and see.

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The next episode, titled “The Winds of Winter,” is set to air on Sunday, June 26, at 9 p.m. ET, and at 69 minutes, is set to be the longest episode in the show’s history.

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