Sarah Jessica Parker Returns To HBO In New Trailer For ‘Divorce’ [Video]

Sarah Jessica Parker has brushed off the single life character of Carrie Bradshaw and returns to HBO in a new series about a woman and a man who are going through a divorce. Therein also lies the title theme for the show, Divorce.

HBO just cannot get enough of Sarah Jessica Parker and her flamboyant, likeable characters. Divorce is the latest incarnation that Parker has put forth on the network, and by the looks of the trailer, it is going to be a hit right out of the gate, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Although it is billed as a 30-minute comedy series on HBO, Divorce seems to echo some elements of Dramedy right from the onset of the show. Sarah Jessica Parker (Frances) teams up with Thomas Haden Church (Sideways, Smart People) to give fans some of the most raw, emotional comedy that fans could possibly ask for. The two together have a proven track record of really blending comedy with dramatic scenes, and they seem to be a match made in heaven for Divorce.

Just consider what a couple of middle-aged people could struggle with, considering they seem to have been married for quite some time and they are looking for ways to make their lives together better.

It seems as though Sarah Jessica Parker is quite smitten with the show, and she even got the okay from HBO to share the first trailer with her fans on social media via her Instagram account. The trailer, you might say, is quite awesome with all of the hallmarks that have classically made both Parker and Church a household name for bold comedy over the years.

“This could be the greatest thing that has happened to us,” Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) said in the trailer to Robert (Thomas Haden Church). “Now, we can go back to just liking each other again.”

That line alone sets the tone of the whole series and shows that the couple have some of those left-leaning, tolerance-driven emotional relationships that many in the real world strive for.

But that does not mean that Divorce is all about the good things the couple are enduring, as evidenced when Parker and Church are seen flipping each other off in passing.

That being said, Parker’s Frances is dead set on saving their marriage by ending it. She thinks that if they were to get a divorce, that could reset their relationship in some way and make it so they were less sad all of the time and spend more time liking each other, maybe even being in love with each other. The Divorce trailer did, after all, show some warm moments between the two characters.

It also seems though Robert might have also had an affair in some way, on Parker’s Frances, which has seemingly started this whole escapade of getting a divorce. But that was not quite the whole truth because Robert never actually slept with the other woman.

“It was never an affair because it was never physical,” Robert said to Frances in the Divorce trailer on HBO.

But Robert also seemed to realize that maybe it wasn’t his dreaming about another woman that had set Frances over the edge and wanting a divorce. Maybe it was something else, so he just flat out asked her where they had went wrong.

“Perhaps when you got the mustache,” Parker’s Frances told Church’s Robert.

The truth is, this is a TV series that just screams HBO and Sarah Jessica Parker. But adding Thomas Haden Church to the mix makes it a hit TV show just waiting to draw in a huge audience.

The 10-episode TV series Divorce will debut this fall on HBO, but the date has not been announced yet.

[Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Parsons School of Design/The New School]