June 22, 2016
'Wayward Pines': Rebecca's Secrets May Finally Be Revealed [Spoilers]

When Theo Yedlin woke up in Wayward Pines at the beginning of Season 2, he might have assumed his wife, Rebecca, was there against her will. Rebecca was elusive about her history with the town -- when she awoke and how she got there. Although she told Theo she'd been in the walled futuristic community for three years, the truth may be more complicated. In a preview clip of Wednesday night's episode posted by Entertainment Weekly, it appears Rebecca was actually recruited by the town's founder, David Pilcher, to build the walled city.

Viewers know Theo has already had his suspicions about Rebecca. Season 2 started with their strained conversation in Hawaii that revealed tensions in their relationship. In his daze upon awakening, Theo noticed the ice cream shop had the same name as one of Rebecca's mentors -- something that she explained away as being the result of a fire that burned down the previous shop a few years prior. In Episode 4, "Exit Strategy," Rebecca said she agreed with Theo that the town's forced procreation program was wrong, even going so far as to shelter a young girl in their home.That bold move -- defying Megan's wishes and keeping young Lucy under her protection -- is one of several hints picked up by Buddy TV critic Catherine Cabanela that there's a lot to be learned about Rebecca's past. She seems unnaturally at ease with the Wayward Pines regime, is not afraid of retaliation from its leaders, and had a bit of a flirtatious moment with a formerly exiled member of the First Generation, Xander. When Theo heard from returned citizen Adam Hassler that the Abbies were humanity's "replacements," she urged her husband to tell Jason Higgins.That intriguing piece of information about the Abbies -- admittedly coming from a character who may have spent too much time among them outside the walls -- may be one reason devoted viewers keep watching. In a critical piece written for Uproxx, Dustin Rowles said Wayward Pines' height came at Episode 5 of Season 1, when the twist was revealed. It was a great payoff for the first four episodes of mystery, but the show since hasn't matched that dramatic climax. But viewers keep tuning in because of possibilities like those presented by the idea that Abbies are not less advanced than human beings.
"What does that mean? How are these troglodytic monsters meant to be replacements for the humans of Wayward Pines? I have no idea, but I'm just barely curious enough to persevere for another episode in the hopes that there's another brilliant twist waiting for us right around the corner."
That twist may be coming during Episode 5, when viewers will not only learn more about Rebecca, but Megan and Jason will examine the first female Abbie the town has captured. In a preview clip provided by TV Line, it's revealed that the Abbie has what appears to be an anthropological marking. Megan's intent is to study the Abbie, not to better understand the species, but to eliminate its members.As viewers will learn more about Rebecca in Episode 5, the arc of Theresa Burke will continue. Like Rebecca, she was facing marital difficulty before she entered the world of Wayward Pines. But perhaps unlike Rebecca, Theresa was taken against her will, and lost her son, Ben, and husband, last year's protagonist, Ethan Burke. The episode synopsis reveals that Theresa tells newly repatriated Adam Hassler -- who, as a federal agent was instrumental in bringing the Burkes to Wayward Pines -- and still mysterious CJ that she wants to live out her life outside the walls.
Wayward Pines airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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