5 Seconds of Summer, 1D Are Talking: But Is It About Their Passive Income Business?

Headlines about 5 Seconds of Summer in mid-June are mainly focused on excited fans warming up for their American tour dates starting June 30.

On the other hand, headlines that seem surprised that 5 Seconds of Summer are "still talking to One Direction" are somewhat misleading because 1D or 5 Seconds of Summer fans know that they are not "just friends."

Sugarscape wrote on June 20 that 5 Seconds of Summer is keeping up with 1D during their hiatus, and the article implies that they are doing this because they once went on tour together for parts of 2013 and 2014.

Adding to this, UnReality TV reports that 5 Seconds of Summer supports Niall Horan of 1D on his solo music career endeavors, but they have "drifted apart" from other members of One Direction.

[caption id="attachment_3234191" align="alignnone" width="670"]5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction are united in finances as well as friendship5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction have a unique business relationship and friendship. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)[/caption]

However, is it possible that 5 Seconds of Summer talks to 1D on a regular basis considering 1D is heavily invested in 5 Seconds of Summer financially?

5 Seconds of Summer was basically created in a lot of the same ways that 1D itself was created by Simon Cowell. One Direction did not place 5 Seconds of Summer members in a band, but they did put together support for Five Seconds of Summer starting around 2012/2013 when they became YouTube celebrities, according to Hollywood Reporter.

1D genuinely loved 5 Seconds of Summer, and in return for helping amp their popularity and get them engaged in the music industry, 1D inked a contract with them that states 1D takes a chunk of 5SOS' future profits, according to Mirror.

To be specific, in 2014, it was revealed that 1D members Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are "directors of the company which registered the 5 Seconds of Summer trademark" and that all the members of 1D "own a 50 percent stake in the profits [from 5SOS] with a 10 percent share each in the company."

Furthermore, since 1D has learned from their mistakes, their next edition (5SOS) has a chance to be a new and improved version of 1D. On top of getting great insider music industry tips from 1D, it makes sense that 5 Seconds of Summer would be taking over for 1D while they are on "vacation" because if 5 Seconds of Summer is successful, 1D is basically making passive income.

In fact, like all good pyramid schemes, it could be speculated that 1D might be making more money by doing nothing and continuing to promote 5 Seconds of Summer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 1D made $55 million less in 2015 than 2014, according to Forbes, and this profit loss could be speculated as one of many instigators for 1D taking a break in 2016.

Of course, there is a little bit of magic at work for 5 Seconds of Summer as well because they will be touring America… and Ticketmaster is giving away an estimated $45 million in lawn or general admission tickets, according to GQ.

This means that 1D will be making a nice profit since their ticket sales game for their 5 Seconds of Summer investment will be more airtight, thanks to the people that sued Ticketmaster.

5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction are part of a scheme similar to a ponzi scheme
When 5 Seconds of Summer does well, this benefits One Direction directly. (Photo by: KGC-243/STAR MAX/IPx)

A lack of empty seats at 5 Seconds of Summer concerts is also unlikely since they are up for a Teen's Choice Award for "best summer music group."

Oddly, unlike One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer is touring North America in 2016 as the headlining act, but some of the major cities and venues are being overlooked. For example, when 1D did their last tour of America in 2015, they hit every one of the most populated cities.

5 Seconds of Summer, on the other hand, are missing out on tour dates in Chicago, Dallas, etc., to name a few… but are hitting Mexico in a way few other international tour acts are.

Part of the reason 5 Seconds of Summer may not be touring as far and wide in America as top acts like One Direction did in 2014/2015 is due to their recent upsurge in popularity. After all, 5SOS only released their first debut album on July 22, 2014.

Could this be a sign that more dates might be added to the 5 Seconds of Summer tour?

Regardless of their origins, it is clear that America is hooked on 5 Seconds of Summer and cannot wait to see them on their North American tour. According to Hollywood Take, 5 Seconds of Summer fans were tweeting their excitement to the point that they wanted to #BreakTheInternet.

According to their website, 5 Seconds of Summer will start touring America on June 30 at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

5 Seconds of Summer also recently announced that they will join one of their 1D investors, Zayn Malik, on the new Ghostbusters soundtrack, according to their Twitter account.

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