Did Warner Bros. Quietly Scrap Zack Snyder From ‘Justice League 2’?

Did Warner Bros just quietly scrap director Zack Snyder from Justice League 2? No one from the official Warner Bros. camp is outright saying it, but we're willing to go out on a limb here and say it sure does look that way. As you may know, Warner Bros. invited a select handful of journalists to the set in London, where production is currently underway on Justice League.

Through various interviews with the cast and crew, it's beginning to feel like Warner Bros. is not incredibly excited about Snyder's inclusion on Justice League 2. In fact, in a move that will surprise no one that's following the DC Universe over at Warner Bros., the studio might have possibly scrapped Snyder from Justice League 2 in a way a hit man carefully takes care of his latest victim – quietly and without any fanfare.

Back in October, 2014, Warner Bros. announced the full slate for DC, which included Justice League 2, but now, according to producer Deborah Snyder the current Justice League was "always" meant to be a stand-alone film -- right. So what's exactly going on with Justice League 2? No one involved in the production of Justice League really knows, but when the producer was asked what the plan was, she said the following.
"We're only ever planning and we are only doing Justice League, just Justice League. One Movie."
When asked if the film was still in two parts, like the initial 2014 plan, Deborah replied, "No."

So, before you start to panic, just know that there's still a release date for Justice League part 2, but it isn't connected to Part 1, which means that both movies will exist, but they will be different entities, and not the suggested cliffhanger that we thought might happen when it was announced back in 2014.

As you may know, many problems that stemmed from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were blamed largely on Snyder's influence, and many have complained that the tone-obsessed director is just not right for the DC Universe. With Warner Bros. upping star Affleck's role to executive producer for Justice League, and giving the star his own seat in the director's chair for the Batman stand-alone film, it definitely puts things into a new perspective.

To imagine Snyder getting the boot after Justice League isn't a huge stretch. As mentioned, right after Batman v Superman got pummeled by critics' reviews and the drop off at the box office in its second weekend, there were many rearrangements that went on at Warner Bros as a result.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, two people who are aligned with Affleck, were promoted to co-run DC Films in "and attempt to course-correct Warners' comic book movies." Most of that damage many can argue came directly from Snyder himself.

Another key element that suggests Snyder might be on his way out after Justice League is the fact that the Snyders are separating themselves from Justice League 2. That said, the director doesn't exactly sound too enthused about it, but instead he sounds a bit confused about the future as far as where Warner Bros. stands on their upcoming plans in the DC Universe.

Snyder had this to say about the Part 2 film.

"I think we will have a release date."
When asked if the first film will end on a big cliffhanger, Snyder said the following.
"You know, hopefully there's some reason to go — the movie doesn't end and you go, 'Okay, well that's the DC Universe!' "
Basically, it sounds like Warner Bros. isn't exactly locked on another picture with Snyder.

[Photo by Warner Bros.]