Blake Shelton Encouraging Gwen Stefani To Cancel 2016 Tour To Plan For Baby?

Gwen Stefani is allegedly being urged to consider cancelling her 2016 ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour’ due to “horrifying” sales.

According to a new report by In Touch Weekly, Gwen is supposedly being encouraged by her team to pull the plug on her upcoming tour as tickets have reportedly not exactly been selling like Stefani has hoped.

A source told the site that those close to Stefani are urging Gwen to take control of the situation and “spare herself the embarrassment and cancel or postpone” before the shows are cancelled by those associated with the tour.

“The tour starts July 12, but there are still some venues where 90 percent of the tickets are available for sale,” an insider recently told the site of how poorly tickets for Stefani’s 2016 tour have been selling.

Blake Shelton Encouraging Gwen Stefani To Cancel 2016 Tour To Plan For Baby [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]Though In Touch Weekly‘s source didn’t reveal if Gwen’s boyfriend Blake is one of the confidants close to Gwen who are urging her to cancel the poorly selling shows, the site revealed that Shelton is supposedly on board should Stefani opt to cancel her upcoming shows.

According to the source, Blake believes that if Stefani’s tour, which currently has 28 dates scheduled around the United States of America between July and October, 2016, doesn’t end up go ahead, he and Gwen can instead spend the summer preparing for a baby.

“[Blake] assured her that if she does cancel, they can spend all summer planning for a baby,” an insider alleged of Shelton.

However, it sounds like Gwen is understandably reluctant to scrap plans for her first tour since 2007’s “The Sweet Escape Tour,” as the site’s source confirmed that cancelling her upcoming gigs would be a “huge letdown” for Stefani as she attempts to return to the music scene.

Blake Shelton Encouraging Gwen Stefani To Cancel 2016 Tour To Plan For Baby [Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]“[Gwen Stefani] really wants to prove that she’s still a big player in the music world,” the source admitted.

This isn’t the first time rumors have swirled that tickets to Gwen Stefani’s upcoming tour dates aren’t exactly flying out the door.

In Touch Weekly previously reported that Gwen is doing all she can to save her shows, and that includes slashing prices in partnership with Groupon and turning to Shelton.

“Gwen’s tour kicks off July 12 in Massachusetts and only 5,000 tickets have been sold in a venue that holds 18,000,” In Touch claimed last month, “and that was after the huge promotion in which her tickets were being sold discounted on Groupon.”

Adding that Stefani was “freaked out” by the supposed low sales, the insider also revealed that Stefani is looking to Blake in the hopes that Shelton can drum up more publicity for her tour.

Blake Shelton Encouraging Gwen Stefani To Cancel 2016 Tour To Plan For Baby [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]“Gwen’s planning on asking him to post ticket sales information on his social media platforms in hopes that it will generate some buzz,” a source told the site of how Stefani leaning on Shelton, adding that “Blake is doing everything he can to save her show.”

“It makes him sad that she isn’t selling tickets when she has worked so hard on this tour,” the site’s insider continued, revealing that despite the option of keeping the summer open to plan for a baby, Shelton is also considering hitting the road with Gwen if the shows do go ahead.

“Blake is even going to show up at a few of her gigs and perform with her,” In Touch Weekly claimed, noting that Blake is hoping that the potential surprise of seeing him and Stefani together on the road could be enough to see ticket sales spike.

The New York Daily News also previously reported that Stefani’s tour was being hit by seriously low sales, quoting an insider who claimed Gwen Stefani’s sales were so low that they’re “horrifying.”

What do you think of the latest round of reports surrounding Gwen Stefani’s 2016 tour?

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for LinkedIn]