Kylie Jenner Not Getting Over Tyga: Couple Hint At Reconciliation Plans After Secret ‘KUWTK’ Vacation To Jamaica

Kylie Jenner is struggling to move on from Tyga, so much that she is already considering getting back with the rapper, sources have alleged.

The reality star, who famously called it quits with the 26-year-old last month, is now regretting ever letting Tyga go, telling pals that Tyga was her first real boyfriend, and the idea of suddenly giving up on their two-year romance isn’t sitting well with her.

Reports had initially claimed that Kylie wanted to break up with Tyga over fears that he was cheating on her. Jenner went on to set the record straight, stressing that the artist was never unfaithful to her — it was more or less down to the fact that they were constantly arguing over the littlest things.

With Tyga constantly traveling all around the world, touring with the likes of Chris Brown, and constantly being surrounded by beautiful women, it wasn’t that Kylie assumed her ex-boyfriend was cheating, it was more down to the fact that the two were never really able to sit back and enjoy being in each other’s company.

When Tyga was home in Calabasas, California, Kylie Jenner was handling her own business with her successful lip kit line. Then she was caught up in promotional duties regarding the family’s reality show, along with the launch of her clothing line at Topshop. In simple terms, Tyga and Kylie’s arguments stemmed from the fact that they never had enough time for one another.

With that being said, Kylie is somewhat regretting her decision to end things with Tyga, which would explain her decision to fly out to Jamaica with the 26-year-old last week. The trip was only for a couple of days, where Tyga was also said to have shot a new music video with a couple of friends, but Kylie being there has definitely given the impression that things are looking up for the duo.

“They may be broken up but there is still so much love there,” an insider tells People. “He was her first true love and that is something that she just can’t walk away from entirely.”

Jenner’s family were said to have played a part in her decision to dump Tyga, having told the reality star that if she’s already arguing with the rapper on a daily basis, why wouldn’t she just take a break from the romance and focus on her career instead?

“They told her that their relationship was way too unhealthy at the time and that played a key part in their decision to separate,” the source continued. “It was just bad timing and they were fighting all the time.”

Earlier this week, Tyga attended North West’s birthday party at Kim Kardashian’s home, which has given fans the impression that the couple are definitely back together. Why else would the rapper show up to a birthday party for a three-year-old?

If the couple really has reunited and given their romance another shot, it will simply be because Kylie Jenner just can’t see herself being without Tyga. The 26-year-old was never disrespectful towards Jenner or her family, and even when Kylie ended the relationship, Tyga never tried to expose any of the TV personality’s secrets for the sake of a paycheck from a media outlet.

All in all, Kylie Jenner thinks that Tyga deserves another chance.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]