Hunting Humans Could Become The Next Designer Sport for The Super Rich, According To Tourism Expert

Within 100 years an average human could be seen as “fair game” by the super rich and hunted and butchered like a common buffalo, according to a leading tourism expert who believes hunting humans will become the next designer sport for the immensely wealthy.

Throughout history, humans have hunted to survive, but now we just visit the local superstore to get our daily flesh-fix. Yet even in an age of tinned meat and frozen bags of economy burgers, there remain a few carnivores who like to get their hands bloody and feel the thrill of the kill firsthand.

They don’t necessarily eat the animal they’ve butchered. After all, lion meat probably tastes rather tangy to their refined palates. No! Their pleasure in killing wild animals, untouched and untainted by the gaudy hand of civilization, comes from the bragging rights resulting from the all-important trophy kill.

Although the action of ending a life with a sophisticated and high-powered rifle from a considerable distance may appear a peculiar thing to brag about. Certain people still indulge in such blood-sports with all the wild-eyed and manic enthusiasm of a toddler on Christmas day.

Take the British royal family for instance. The Inquisitr earlier reported that the royal family have enjoyed a long and loving relationship with trophy hunting through the centuries and down the decades.

At the Queen’s Norfolk home in Sandringham, there are 62 stuffed animals including two rare rhinos, a leopard, an Indian tiger, the tusks of an elephant, and two lions.

Two years ago, Prince William indulged in a spot of deer and wild boar killing in Spain. Days later he featured in a high-profile campaign to warn people of the dangers of illegal hunting. Oh, the irony.

And who can forget that picture from 2014 of an armed Prince Harry in Africa staring smugly at the camera with a one-ton water buffalo he had just downed with his power rifle?

Well, Harry can. Only recently, the man of action was pictured lying like a distraught mother across a sedated elephant and snapping that the slaughter of such animals is “a pointless waste of beauty.”

White-collared executives continue to pay extortionate amounts of money to fly thousands of miles and kill animals from a distance.

Hunting Humans

After they’ve maimed them with their telescopic guns or pierced them with their high-powered arrows, the animal might stumble off for a bit, bloodied and in pain as they die a slow agonizing death.

Then in the wake of the all important slaughter selfie, the animal is then skinned, its body left to rot, and its head cut off by the proud hunter, who’ll take it home to add to his or her trophy cabinet.

Here’s the rub. In the near future the super rich could be doing the exact same thing to you.

The Mirror reports that this nightmarish vision comes from Daniel Wright, senior lecturer in tourism at the University of Central Lancashire.

In a paper compiled for the scientific journal Futures, Wright stresses that in the future the world will become even more ravaged by economic and ecological disasters, the ever-increasing gap between the rich and poor will get even wider, and the wealthy will seek to deal with what they consider the overpopulation of the globe by hunting the poor folks.

The report suggests that hunting humans could become a reality by 2100, and an authentic tourism experience, akin to paying big bucks to kill big game in Africa, by 2200.

Like sci-fi classics The Running Man and The Hunger Games, hunting humans could even become a popular televised spectacle, according to Wright, who argues our fascination with death has always been a social activity.

“Death as a spectacle is not a new phenomenon in social spaces.

“In fact, our past arguably shows the human fascination for death, through various forms, to be more of a social activity.

“Roman gladiatorial games and public executions are well documented examples throughout history.”

Outlining the hellish detail of a future where hunting humans by the super-rich is seen as just another sort, similar to polo, or fencing, Wright explains that the wealthy would view such a pastime as killing two birds with one stone. Namely, the ongoing cull of poor people, combined with their love of blood-sports.

Hunting Humans

“During these activities the oppressive mega-rich would carry out vacations to purposely slaughter humans, with the claimed aim to reduce population size, but an element of perverse thrill and excitement will also fuel the demand.

“Due to the strain on resources for human survival the practice will gradually become more recognizable and acceptable on the part of the wider population who form part of the wealthy-elite.

“The locations in which hunting humans take place will be seen as modern-day tourism entertainment parks.”

Wright argues that as humans become more accustomed to death as a spectacle, combined with their passive acceptance of the great wealth divide, hunting humans by the super-rich will become a simple fact of life.

Now, who amongst you will run with the hunt?

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)