A germ free tablet computer suitable for the operating room.

With all the rumors floating around about a tablet computer coming from Apple interest surrounding the usefulness to this computer platform as been climbing from the cellar it found itself in after the lack of interest of Microsoft's offering years back.

In this case the interest is centering around doctors and the health care industry with an new tablet offering from Fujitsu and its ESPRIMO MA notebook. As a result Fujitsu's large investment it the tablet's product design looks like it may pay off quite handsomely. To to this though the computer company had some pretty stiff product requirements that had to be met.

The notebook had to fit in with the way hospitals and medical facilities hold hygiene as a top priority – that is, making it easily cleanable and not likely to harbour germs.

The result is a striking, cutting edge looking piece of technology that meets the d

urability standards required by the health profession. The touch-screen basis of the product and the simple fact that it does not need to be opened like a traditional laptop, makes it a very easy to use piece of product design.

The ESPRIMO series brings together the needs of both the general business user and those of health care professionals.

Source: Applied Product Design :: New ESPRIMO Tablet PC Wins iF Product Development Award