‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ News: There Will Be No ‘Final Fantasy’ Elements In The Game

It looks like Kingdom Hearts will be lacking a Final Fantasy element this time around.

News surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3 has slowly but surely been surfacing, and fans are eager to find out what Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be up against in the latest installment to be released in 2017. However, Cloud and crew might not be lending a helping hand.

In a report by GameSpot, it has been noted that Final Fantasy would be absent from Kingdom Hearts 3. The reason for this is unknown, as previous installments of Kingdom Hearts have included supporting characters, plot devices, and boss battles featuring Final Fantasy characters. Disney has many worlds that are involved with the main plot of the game, leaving Sora and the others to explore each realm and solve the problems that will rid the world of darkness.

Kingdom Hearts 3 game director Tai Yasue weighed in on the decision to not include Final Fantasy elements into Kingdom Hearts 3.

“We’re not adding any Final Fantasy worlds. A lot of the original worlds (Hollow Bastion, Traverse Town, etc.) had Final Fantasy characters in them. At this moment, we are not really coming up with any plans for that. We’re making original worlds and Disney worlds,” Yasue stated.

Yasue went on to discuss that Kingdom Hearts 3 is implemented based on the gameplay and the worlds that would fit as a result of it. With this in mind, it seems that adding characters from the Final Fantasy world wouldn’t do well with the current mechanics. Fans will be understandably distraught about the exclusion of their favorite characters being in Kingdom Hearts 3, but Square Enix has promised that they plan to make every world unique. There’s usually quite a few fun objectives to achieve in a Kingdom Hearts game. Weapons, abilities, and other items are strewn across the world, increasing Sora’s arsenal while still managing to give players a challenge.

The main objective in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be just what players expect. Parent Herald reports that Sora and friends will defeat unique challenges, and every world will serve to make gameplay more exciting. There’s been no further elaboration on what this entails for the game, but there has been plenty of speculation as to what worlds Sora will explore. It’s also reported that there are confirmed worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3. These worlds include Tangled, Hercules, Big Hero 6, and Mysterious Tower. Other worlds are rumored to be making an appearance, as well. Zootopia, Toy Story, Star Wars, and Frozen are on this list.

Square Enix is making a bold move by leaving Final Fantasy out of the Kingdom Hearts world with this installment. Of course, this isn’t to say that time won’t allow them to change their minds. With Final Fantasy XV releasing on September 30 of this year, fan feedback could convince Square to deliver future DLC if there is no time left to include Final Fantasy characters into the base game. It goes without saying that fans will still want to get their hands on the game, but the overall product would only serve to bring in more interest if Final Fantasy heroes and villains are to receive a spot in the character lineup.

Ultimately, Kingdom Hearts 3 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated titles of next year. Many trailers show beautiful graphics, and mechanics seem to be a large part of some of the greater battles that Sora will face. Combat is smooth, and it does well in giving players a familiar feeling as to what they can expect when they get a hands-on experience.

How do you feel about Kingdom Hearts 3 lacking Final Fantasy characters? Are you still as excited to play the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Square Enix]