Bryan Pagliano Who Serviced The Infamous Hillary Clinton E-Mail Server Testifies Before A Federal Judge This Morning

Kim McLendon

As Hillary Clinton prepares for her coronation at the Democratic Convention, her IT service technician struggles to decide what to tell U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. This morning, June 22, the testimony will begin according to Judicial Watch.

Bryan Pagliano is scheduled to testify today, June 22. His testimony will be videotaped, but that video will be sealed by the court. A transcript will be made available, however. Mr. Pagliano who has obtained an immunity deal is said to have been the primary service tech for Mrs. Clinton's private e-mail server.

Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, is scheduled to testify next Tuesday, June 28. Patrick F. Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management, will testify on Wednesday, June 29 in this unprecedented case.

"This is a constant drip… That's what we're having here, you know, and it needs to stop,"

At some point, Mrs. Clinton herself could be forced to testify before Judicial Watch and Judge Emmit Sullivan. All "discovery" testimony will be well documented and made available to the government's investigative and judicial branches working on the case, and at least most of it will be made available to the American public.

Hillary Clinton has a tenacious foe in Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. The Daily Beast predicts the Judicial Watch organization will continue to be a thorn in Hillary's side, pursuing her indictment for as long as necessary.

"Fitton and his team of investigators and lawyers at Judicial Watch may not take Clinton down. But they will pursue her through the campaign and surely into the White House if she is elected in November."

What of Hillary Clinton's official indictment? Hillary is working hard not to seem concerned about it, and the mainstream media is completely ignoring that story, but in the background of all this brouhaha about winning the nomination, the wheels of justice are still turning. Very slowly and very carefully, a case is being built. While the timing of this case could not be more nerve-wracking, especially for Bernie Sanders supporters, it seems the FBI will not complete its investigation until after the convention. This is bad news for Bernie supporters, but there are indications that the FBI intends to present its case for indictment eventually.

Bryan Pagliano would have never been given immunity unless the government's prosecution was going to try to convict someone much more important than Pagliano.

Guccifer, the Romanian Hacker who allegedly hacked Clinton's server years ago, would not have been extradited to the United States unless he was going to testify in some sort of official capacity at some point. It is highly unlikely that he will testify to Judicial Watch, and the government would have hardly brought him to America for that.

"Well, you know, I don't get involved with whom the president endorses and I don't have comments, as I said before, on any of the candidates. The investigation into the State Department e-mail matter is going to be handled like any other matter. We've got career agents and lawyers looking at that. They will follow the facts and follow the evidence wherever it leads and come to a conclusion. No, this is not a conflict for me and for the department or for anyone. We will continue to do all of our work in the same language we always have, with the interest of the American people first and foremost."

[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]