‘The BFG’ Director Steven Spielberg Reveals His Worst Moment

Steven Spielberg’s latest masterpiece, The BFG, is about to hit theaters in a matter of days. As the premiere draws near, Spielberg takes time to talk about the milestones of his career and the projects he would never take on. Among those milestones, Steven comments on what role he envisions for George Lucas in the new Indiana Jones sequel, and why he would never consider directing a Star Wars film. Spielberg also reveals the worst moment in making The BFG.

The BFG Director Steven Spielberg Reveals His Worst Moment

Steven Spielberg generally has two interests when it comes to the film projects he chooses to pursue: children’s films or science fiction. Of course, there are variations and exceptions; but, for the most part, Spielberg sticks to those genres. It’s been a good while since Steven has taken on a children’s film, with The BFG marking his first offering in that category in about 5 years. In the coming year, Steven will add two more films to that list, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara and Ready Player One.

When speaking specifically on The BFG, Spielberg reveals this film is one of a kind for him in the sense that it’s the only film he’s done that deals with magic and explores the ideas of alchemy and magic with the use of CGI technology. Spielberg reveals that he has had a curiosity for exploring the topic, and for this story in particular, but he’s equally adamant in not returning to the themes of magic in any future films. This seems to imply a sequel to The BFG is out.

“This was an open and closed-ended excursion in the imagination of magic,” Spielberg says. “I haven’t done anything really in my entire career to do with alchemy; real magic. So for me (The BFG) was an original adventure and I had the best time on it.”

While Steven admits that he has enjoyed the project immensely, there was one moment that broke his heart.

“I worked for three years on it and the worst moment I had was when I finished the movie,” says The BFG director. “That was the worst moment. When I finished the color correction, the soundtrack and the mix, (composer John) Williams had finished his brilliant score and I was faced with the fact that I wasn’t going to return to the film again.”

Adding to his thoughts, Spielberg reveals an almost childlike fascination with the story told within The BFG, as well as with the film’s lively characters.

“It was at that moment I realized how deeply in love I was with this project.”

The BFG Director Reveals Why He’ll Never Direct Any Star Wars Film

For those expecting Steven Spielberg to badmouth George Lucas, or the universe created by Lucas, nothing could be further from the truth. George and Steven are reportedly the best of friends, and Spielberg says he has always been a big Star Wars fan; but, for him, that’s where it ends. He says Star Wars is Lucas’ baby, calling George “the Thomas Edison of science fiction,” and adds that he would never want to take center stage on his buddy’s big project.

“…[T]hat was never for me. I’m just a fan; I’m just with everybody else in the audience watching them,” says Spielberg.

Speaking of Lucas, Steven also says that he would never consider doing an Indiana Jones film without the Star Wars creator on board, adding that certainly goes for the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 film. Spielberg says he and Lucas will both serve as executive producers on the upcoming sequel.

“George is gonna to be an executive producer on it with me… I would never make an Indiana Jones film without George Lucas. That’d be insane,” says Mr. Spielberg.

[Photo by by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Turner]