SISTAR Comeback Dominates With ‘I Like That’ — K-Pop Girl Group Earns ‘All-Kill’ Topping No. 1 On All Korean Music Charts

If there is one K-pop girl group that could be linked as synonymous to classy sexuality, it is surely Sistar. Making their debut back in 2010 under Starship Entertainment, the four-member girl group consisting of Hyorin, Bora, Soyu, and Dasom have made a name for themselves for sensual songs in which their music videos often tell a luxurious story (“Give It To Me” and “I Swear”) along with upbeat sexy songs in which their music videos give off a “feel good” vibe (“Touch My Body” and “Shake It”).

Needless to say, K-pop fans, especially those who are Star1 (official fan club of Sistar), often anticipate their comebacks. Their 2016 comeback, however, has got to be one of the most innovative promotions seen in K-pop in a very long time. For starters, Sistar utilized “riddle pictures” to help build hype for their comeback, which featured their eyes in one set and the earrings they were wearing in another. Sistar would then follow-up with profile pictures followed by full spreads, first starting with Hyorin followed by Bora.

Bora, Sistar, Starship Entertainment In Bora’s individual teasers of their close-up body shots, she is in a room cascaded with Middle Eastern rugs. She wore a skin-tight outfit that features unique designs. [Image via Starship Entertainment/Sistar Promotions for 2016 Comeback]Eventually, Sistar would release the featured song of their comeback via uploaded music video on YouTube titled “I Like That.” The song itself was so popular that Sistar’s comeback dominated the Korean music charts, placing No. 1 on all of them.

“I Like That” was released on Monday, June 20, but by morning the next day, the song was No. 1 on all eight of Korea’s music charts, as reported by AllKpop. This includes MelOn, Mnet, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Bugs, Genie, Soribada, and Monkey 3. Nevertheless, it is a great start for Sistar who’s comeback, a mini-album (extended play) titled Insane Love, was just released.

Sistar, I Like That Sistar’s featured track off their comeback titled “I Like That” achieved an all-kill on the Korean music charts, topping number one on all eight of them. [Image via Screen Capture of iChart]The song “I Like That” is a collaboration between Sistar and Black-Eyed Pilseung, as reported by Korea Herald. This is the second time the popular K-pop girl group and well-known producing team have worked together, as they first collaborated on Sistar’s hit song back in 2014, “Touch My Body.”As for the story “I Like That” tells through song, it is about women who cannot help but fall in love with bad boys. The lyrics detail the conflicting thoughts said women think of in such a complicated relationship.

It is also possible the reason why “I Like It” is so popular is because the music video for it is well done. The production of its theme along with its direction are on par. Apparently, “I Like That” looks to be set in a Middle Eastern bathhouse with certain Asian culture elements assimilated into it. The paintings of cherry blossom trees on the members’ bare backs reference Japanese culture for example. Nevertheless, the concept is a hit as the music video already has over 1.7 million views on YouTube.

“I Like That” is, as mentioned earlier, the featured song off of Sistar’s fourth mini-album Insane Love. Other songs on the album include “String,” “Wanna Do It,” “Yeah Yeah,” “Say I Love You,” “Under the Blanket,” and the instrumental version of “I Like That.” It is only available through digital download format only. Also as a means of promotion, Sistar held a live-streaming comeback showcase on June 20 at the Yes24 Live Hall an hour before the album’s release.

[Image via Starship Entertainment/Sistar Promotions for Insane Love]