Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashian Finally Join Forces To Keep Kylie Jenner From Tyga

It would appear, according to a report made earlier today by Hollywood Life, that Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian are putting their ongoing feud on pause as they conspire against a common enemy: Tyga. More specifically, Kim and Chyna both want to stop Tyga from reuniting with the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner.


“Blac and Kim are getting together and staging what they’re calling a ‘man intervention’ for Kylie now that they’re hearing she’s back with Tyga. It’s Chyna’s idea and she’s convinced Kim to help her,” an anonymous source revealed to the publication.

Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian’s dislike for each other has become a pop culture news regular in 2016, and most everyone who pays any attention to what’s going on in Hollywood knows that Kim and Chyna have been constantly at odds. The reasons for the pair’s mutual distaste are manifold, but perhaps the biggest is that Blac Chyna has been dating (and recently got engaged to) Kim’s brother, Rob, and Kim feels Chyna is too domineering.

Kim and Chyna may have been horrible to each other over the past few months, lobbing insults back and forth like they’re locked into a match of expletive ping-pong, but Blac Chyna and her former sparring mate are now putting their differences aside to fight for a shared interest: keeping rapper Tyga from resuming his romance with 18-year-old Kylie Jenner.


Blac and Kim each have solid reasons for wanting to keep Kylie and Tyga apart.

Chyna used to be engaged to Tyga, but the relationship ended abruptly and not amicably. She now strongly dislikes Tyga, and she wants to prevent him from luring another woman (especially someone as young and vulnerable as Kylie) into the web Blac did not realize she was trapped in until too late.

“Blac’s family now and she cares about Kylie, and the last thing she wants is for Kylie to be hypnotized by him and fall back into his trap. Blac’s in no way trying to run Kylie’s life but she wants to help her sis out because she knows first hand that Tyga’s a liar and a cheater,” reveals the insider source.

“Ultimately, Kylie’s going to make her own decision. But Blac simply wants to help prevent her from getting her heart broken all over again.”

Kim, on the other hand, is Kylie’s older sister, and feels responsible for keeping her safe.

Besides, Kim and Chyna were best friends before Tyga and Kylie’s initial relationship drove a wedge between them over a year ago, and it may be nice for them to be working together again.


It is a bit of a surprise there is even a possibility of Kylie and Tyga getting back together, points out the Hollywood Life piece, because their breakup just over a month ago seemed to have a definite finality to it.

“I think, you know, we’re both just focusing on our lives, our individual lives right now, you know? Sometimes things don’t work out,” the rapper said at the time. He has since said that his association with a Kardashian “overshadowed his talents.”

Kylie and her (ex?) beau were seen together in the background of a Kim Kardashian Snapchat photo from just a few days ago, though, throwing doubt on the alleged breakup.

Blac Chyna, meanwhile, is desperate to get in with the Kardashians. Not only does she want her friendship with Kim back, but she wants to tie herself as closely as she can to the Kardashian brand. In fact, Chyna is literally changing her name to “Angela Renee Kardashian” once she marries Rob.


Do you think Kylie Jenner and Tyga go well together? Are you rooting for them? And, is it fair for Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna to interfere with their possible romance, even if it is out of love? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV]