WWE News: Big Update On Recent Incident Involving Paige And Alberto Del Rio In Las Vegas

It has been an interesting week in the WWE, to say the least. Jerry “The King” Lawler was suspended over a domestic incident with his fiancee, Roman Reigns violated the Wellness Policy and will be forced to sit out for 30 days, and we’re still putting together the puzzle pieces in regards to events that transpired Sunday night in Las Vegas between Paige and Alberto Del Rio. Of the three cases, Paige and Del Rio appear to be the most in the clear as details continue to emerge.

We learned that WWE officials knew about Reigns’ failed test even before the Money In The Bank pay-per-view and still went ahead with booking him the next night on RAW and into the main event at next month’s Battleground. WWE has a no-tolerance policy on domestic violence issues, so even though Lawler is blaming his fiancée’s inebriation, he’ll remain suspended until more facts come out. Paige and Del Rio have not faced any discipline, and if the latest reports are any indication, that is likely to remain in tact.

When news first broke, few facts were made available other than Paige had been placed in handcuffs outside of a Las Vegas casino and detained by police. She was not arrested, and she was not admitted to a medical facility for evaluation. Many speculated after pictures of the incident surfaced that an argument between her and her boyfriend Del Rio set-off the detainment. But according to Ringside News, that is not the case.


Del Rio personally informed the hosts of a podcast on MLW Radio of what happened the night in question. Apparently, Paige and Del Rio were being heckled by a drunk couple while they were trying to enjoy a show in Caesars Palace. Del Rio had the couple removed from the show by security, but instead of leaving, they waited for Del Rio and Paige outside. They continued to heckle the WWE superstars until police were called to the scene. Paige was detained as a precautionary measure to make sure she hadn’t been physically harmed, which she wasn’t. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department confirmed that there was an unrelated incident involving a woman erratically running through traffic, as well.

Police did not confirm that Paige was involved in the incident or taken to a hospital, but they did confirm that the leaked photos circulating the Internet are from the incident. Paige and Del Rio were both allowed to leave Las Vegas, and as viewers of WWE are aware, Paige challenged Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship the next night on RAW. Unrelated, but coincidentally, Charlotte and Del Rio also used to date. At the time, reports surfaced that there was some real-life tension brewing between Charlotte and Paige over Del Rio, and that Vince McMahon wanted to parlay that into an angle on television. It seems that has come to fruition in what will likely result in a tag match at Battleground between Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Paige and Sasha Banks.

paige with sasha banks [Image via WWE]When Del Rio and Paige arrived in Phoenix the next day for RAW, they immediately informed WWE officials of what occurred the previous night. They were told that they did the right thing and would not face any punishment. Paige had her match with Charlotte, but Del Rio was kept off television. It was later discovered that WWE kept him off the show to rest an injured knee he suffered during his Money in the Bank ladder match the night before. Paige was also backstage for Tuesday’s Smackdown taping, but did not appear. Del Rio was back in action as he lost a singles match to Cesaro, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

[Image via WWE]