Jaden Smith Goes Grunge At Cannes Lions Fest With Dad Will [Video]

Jaden Smith has been a young star on the rise in 2016. He’s become the first male face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s fashion line. His gender-bending style has made Jaden Smith a super-hot fashion commodity, and currently, the 17-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith is estimated to be worth $8 million in his own right. On top of that, Jaden Smith is starring in an upcoming Netflix series, and the world is waiting with bated breath for his much-hyped and anticipated first solo studio album to drop.

According to some cryptic posts from his Twitter account, Jaden Smith might be getting ready to release his long-awaited album, and he might even be collaborating with superstar Kanye West.

Despite his super-hectic schedule and ever-growing resume, Jaden reportedly recently took some time off to check out the Cannes Lions Festival with his Hollywood A-list dad, superstar Will Smith. Daily Mail reports that Jaden Smith showed up at the star-studded Cannes event with his 47-year-old dad on Tuesday.

The pair reportedly stole the show with their star power and style.

Will reportedly decided to go for a business-casual look, while his son Jaden opted to flaunt his dreadlocks and a grunge look that was arguably too youthful for his famous father to try to emulate.

Jaden Smith’s hairstyle, chaotic dreadlocks that seem to have a life of their own, was somewhat tamed for the event, pulled up into an intentionally sloppy high ponytail. Jaden completed his look with a “provocative printed tee” and a grungy blue/black flannel.

His black skinny Capri bottoms showed his white socks off up to mid-calf, and the entire ensemble framed a pair of understated black canvas kicks.

Will Smith, with his son Jaden (who now almost matches his dad’s star power) cut a swath through the Cannes crowds. Compared to Jaden Smith’s eccentric, grungy style and wild hair, Will’s hair and face looked positively cropped, even though he was sporting the vaguest 5 o’clock shadow of a goatee.

Jaden Smith waited in the background after making a grand entrance with his dad, as Will Smith was a keynote speaker at the Cannes event. Reportedly, Will was “delighted” to have the opportunity to speak at the Cannes “festival of creativity,” and Jaden shied into the wings as his dad gave his much-touted Cannes talk.

During his time on stage, with son Jade waiting patiently, Will Smith was interviewed by the Edelman’s Global Chair for Creative Strategy, Jackie Cooper. The interviewee sat opposite Cooper and discussed his “global-minded approach” to a career that continues to evolve and remain successful, after decades of being a top-billing actor and performing artist.

In addition to answering Jackie Cooper’s probing questions, Will Smith also used his time at Cannes to speak directly to the audience of contemporaries and fans alike. He talked for quite a while, going into detail about his creative and professional points of view. Jaden Smith’s dad talked to the crowd about his method for combining his personal creative fulfillment while also focusing and being both impactful and purposeful in his endeavors.

It’s possible that Will Smith brought his son along to his Cannes speech to give Jaden a glimpse into his thought processes and professional formula, both of which have been successful and lucrative for Will Smith.

It doesn’t appear that Will has much to worry about when it comes to Jaden Smith’s fledgling career, though. The young Smith has had incredible success with his career in his short life. Jaden Smith’s career has, in 17 short years, spanned the performing arts trifecta of acting, singing and modeling. He definitely seems to be doing very well for himself, at least professionally.

What do you think? Was going to Cannes with Will a “rite of passage” for Jaden Smith?

[Photo by Leo Correa/AP Photo]