Jennifer Aniston Gives Beauty Advice To Her Past Self, Launches Third Frangrance

Jennifer Aniston has little regret when it comes to her life with hubby Justin Theroux and her years as a notable actress on both television and the big screen. But, when it comes to her beauty secrets and regimens of years gone by she wishes she added one more important part to her routine.

In an interview with Glamour UK, Aniston spoke about a very critical piece of advice she wishes she could tell her younger self.

“I always think, ‘Why didn’t someone make me wear sunscreen? ‘ It comes back to being young and thinking I was invincible — I thought that dewy, tanned skin would just stay beautiful but you have to protect it. I understand it’s not easy, it’s hard to keep remembering and reapplying, but it’s so worth it.”

The star also shared that she was sometimes negligent of her skin and her health in her teenage years, as well as in her early twenties.

“I remember during teenage years and even in my twenties, I kind of thought I … could eat all the crap in the world but it affected my skin. I had a few more blemishes and sometimes an uneven tone…”

Nowadays, Aniston is much more conscious of her skin and its need to be nourished and cared for, but she admits that she does have good genes on her side which have helped her over the years. The skincare routine Jen follows now is a must each day and night for the star, and she always complements her regimen with a large intake of water and healthy foods.

“I always wash it properly, drink lots and lots of water and I really believe that what you put inside your body reflects through your skin. I have my father to thank for [good genes] and my grandmother. They have beautiful skin.”

Aniston’s hair has always been a hot topic for the star, even as far back as her early years as Rachel Green on the hit show Friends. The 47-year-old had every teenage girl and their mother wanting to copy “the Rachel” cut that Jen insists she always hated. When it comes to keeping her sleek tresses healthy and well-maintained, Aniston admits she doesn’t overdo it with the cleansing. Us Weekly shares about Jen’s hair regimen.

“I don’t wash it every day and I would say finding a great product like a leave-in conditioner or a dry shampoo will allow you not to have to do it so much. Also, try to keep it away from heat as much as possible … leaving it natural as often as possible can really help its health.”

Jen has long been an advocate for proper beauty care including hair care and is a lover of Living Proof. The star has also recently launched her third fragrance, Near Dusk. It is said to have hints of nectarine, coconut, and musk and is meant to be the smell of summer captured in a bottle. The fragrance by Aniston is also intended to be one which transitions easily from day to night.

The Cake star went on to chat with Glamour about why fragrance was an appealing sector of the beauty industry she wished to become involved with.

“I’ve always love fragrance and have been making my own for a long time by mixing oils and lotions. I love the process of doing that so when I was approached to create Near Dusk, I was so excited and it definitely felt like a very organic decision.”

Three fragrances, a spokesperson for Smart Water, Living Proof, Aveeno, and Air Emirates, not to mention also being a notable actress and health guru make Jennifer Aniston someone to certainly listen to when she shares any advice about beauty or keeping healthy.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]