Enrique Santos: Latino Radio Host Tells Hillary Clinton His Family Is Voting For Trump

Syndicated radio host Enrique Santos is ready for Hillary. His family? Not so much.

While Santos seems solidly in Hillary Clinton’s corner, his relatives may be buying into the “crooked Hillary” nickname coined by Donald Trump.

In a prologue to a phone interview with Hillary Clinton this morning, Santos revealed on his radio program that he is an independent voter and insisted that Donald Trump “makes no sense,” while stressing that his listeners should make up their own minds about who to vote for in the November, 2016, presidential election.

His popular bilingual radio program, the “Enrique Santos Show,” airs live from Univision Radio’s Miami affiliate, WRTO-FM MIX 98.3 (6 a.m.-11 a.m. Monday thru Friday), and simulcast/distributed nationally on Uforia Musica.

The radio host’s website and Facebook page appear to indicate his strong backing for Hillary Clinton for president.

In an otherwise very favorable/softball phone interview with Hillary Clinton (embedded below), Santos threw a curve at the Democrat presumptive presidential nominee as their dialogue wound down.

“In closing Madame Secretary, we all know that politics are polarizing and have become more like sports in my opinion … by default, you’re expected to root for your team, and if you don’t, you’re considered a traitor. This sort of mentality in my opinion breeds intolerance for the other side’s viewpoints and credentials. Even in my own family. My father’s voting for Trump because he says that he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook. And my brother says you should go to jail. What would you say to them?”


Clinton responded in part by contending that Santos’ family members may have spent too much time listening to relentless negative attacks against her, and that they should look at her record instead.

Donald Trump supporters would likely say the same thing about the way the media and his opponents (in both political parties) have covered the New York real estate mogul’s candidacy.

Santos ended the interview by calling Hillary Clinton “sweetheart” and adding “love ya” and inviting her into the studio upon her next visit to south Florida.

“Santos is an example of liberal media who gush over Clinton but don’t necessarily reflect that sentiment of the wider populace. Of course, this is just one anecdotal example, but how many more are there out there just like this?,” the Allen West website postulated.

Conventional wisdom among the New York- and Washington-centric media and political elites (in what is often called the Acela corridor) holds that Donald Trump faces a steep uphill climb insofar as gaining the votes of the Hispanic community for the GOP presidential ticket, based on the premise that certain constituencies cast their ballots in a monolithic fashion. Some opinion polling also suggests the same potential outcome.

While taking a well-publicized hard line on illegal immigration, including building a wall at the U.S-Mexican border “with a beautiful door,” Trump has repeatedly vowed that he will win the Latino vote and the votes of other demographic groups based on his campaign platform of bringing jobs back to America from overseas.

Donald Trump in NH [Photo by Jim Cole/AP]Trump’s divisive comments about the heritage of the federal judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit consumed a lot of media oxygen recently, before the networks moved on to the next controversy du jour. Parenthetically, he has also blasted the plaintiffs’ law firm in the case for its close ties to Hillary Clinton.

Challenging the conventional wisdom YouTube user Mark F. has uploaded a series of videos flowing from the theme of grassroots immigrants for Trump and Latinos for Trump.

Do you think that Hillary Clinton has a lock on the Latino vote as the political prognosticators claim, or will Clinton and Donald Trump be competitive among that cohort?

[Photo by Dennis Van Tine/MediaPunch/IPX]