‘Black Ink Crew:’ Puma Blames Ceaser And Dutchess For Attack On His Wife Quani

Is Puma’s Art2Ink tattoo shop putting a strain on Ceaser’s own tattoo studio? The rival tattooist is pointing fingers at the Black Ink Crew boss. After Puma’s wife Quani was involved in a brawl with another woman recently, the Art2Ink owner claims that the whole attack was a setup, and that Ceaser and Dutchess are to blame.

Puma and Quani were at the premiere for Central Intelligence two weeks ago in New York City when Quani was attacked, according to TMZ. A woman that neither of them knew reportedly jumped Quani and started hitting her in the face. Puma immediately blamed Ceaser and Dutchess for the attack, since this isn’t the first time that he or someone near him has been the victim of violence since he opened up his own tattoo shop.

On Black Ink Crew, VH1 highlighted an incident at Puma’s tattoo shop Art2Ink where someone shot up the place earlier in the season. That upset his wife Quani, and had everyone who worked in the shop on edge. Puma immediately blamed Ceaser for the attack, even though the shooter’s identity was never discovered. He believed that Ceaser set it up to scare off Puma’s artists and run the rival tattoo shop out of Harlem.

It turns out that Puma may, at least, be partially right to assume that the woman who hit Quani was sent by the Black Ink Crew star and rival tattooist. Ceaser and Dutchess were also at the movie premiere, but weren’t directly involved in the attack that left both women with injuries. It was learned later that Quani’s attacker did serve as an intern for them, though.

Of course, there are two sides to the story; and, in this case, both sides are blaming each other. Ceaser and Dutchess argue that their intern was there as reported. However, they argue that it was Quani who started the off-camera brawl when she hit the other woman in the face with a chair.

Pictures of both Quani and the other woman’s injuries have been posted on social media, and this wasn’t just a hair-pulling girl fight like others that fans have seen on Black Ink Crew. Quani suffered an injury right above her eye that could have easily needed stitches. On the other hand, the Black Ink Crew intern was hospitalized and filed a police report about the incident.

According to Wonderwall, Puma hasn’t been quiet about the fight at the Central Intelligence premiere. He tweeted, “U guys sent some girl to hit my wife and wasn’t expecting my wife to whoop her a– u can look at my hands no marks cuz I never hit nobody.”

“Oh how small the planet is lol the truth will come out soon,” Puma continued to tweet after the scary movie premiere attack. He followed up with another tweet that said, “Like I’m a psycho running around beating random strangers and sending to the ER just cuz cmon now.”

When news of the Black Ink Crew attack first made headlines, Ceaser alleged that Puma was somehow involved in the fight. That started a back-and-forth on social media about whether Puma put his hands on the girl or not. Puma argued that he had nothing to do with the beating of Ceaser and Dutchess’ intern, and that his wife Quani was only defending herself after being attacked by someone she didn’t know.

[Image via @Puma213/Instagram]