Kurt Vonnegut Legacy Stalled: Library Needs $750K, ‘Cat’s Cradle’ By Noah Hawley Pilot Date Unknown

Maryam Louise

In the world of Kurt Vonnegut, there have been a couple of stalled developments, but while money raised by his fans can solve one problem, the fate of the other Kurt Vonnegut project is still unknown.

Since the author's death in 2007, many of the ongoing activities dedicated to Kurt Vonnegut have centered around the library named for him in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sadly, over the past year, the Kurt Vonnegut Library was unable to renew their lease at their current location.

Originally, a blog post from April 15 from the Kurt Vonnegut Library stated that the relocation would cost $750,000. A report from NUVO on March 25 stated that the ultimate goal of the library is to expand programs based on Kurt Vonnegut's legacy (once the relocation is financed and secured), but those larger goals would end up costing close to $2.4 million.

According to a WISH TV report from June 15, half of the $750,000 has been raised, and in the meantime, a Kickstarter has been initiated for an immediate need of another approximate $100,000. So far, an estimated $27,000 has been raised as of June 21. This means an estimated $350,000 still needs to be raised.

Ultimately, the hopes of the Kurt Vonnegut Library organizers is to reopen at a new location in early to mid-2017.

Regardless, many Kurt Vonnegut fans are hopeful that the money will be raised, and the library regularly posts on Facebook about fans donating hand-crafted items to be given away as Kickstarter gifts to donors.

Kurt Vonnegut Library founder, Julia Whitehead, was quoted by the Chicago Sun Times around June 11 stating the following about her confidence in raising the money required.

"Vonnegut is a movement, not just some boring museum. I feel very comfortable that the city recognizes the value we bring."

The idea for the Kurt Vonnegut Cat's Cradle book adaptation for television was introduced as early as April 2015, according to Variety, but there have been few definitive updates.

Deadline claims that FOX (parent company of FX) generally reveals all of its new shows for the fall around September 19. This means real clues about whether or not Noah Hawley had time to start working on an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle will be revealed at that time -- if at all.

However, it might be unlikely that Noah Hawley has had time to work on Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle because he is so busy that he has had to turn at least one project down.

Collider writes on May 28 that Noah Hawley had to turn down a job as a writer, director or producer for one of the "monster movies" for Universal Studios. The same article hints about Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle being on the horizon for Noah Hawley, but no other details were given.

A couple of weeks later, after releasing his book Before the Fall, a June 10 report from Entertainment Weekly quotes Noah Hawley saying that he will be in production for another new filming project: Legion.

On the other hand, Noah Hawley is on a roll with Before the Fall and Fargo successes, seems to work in mysterious ways, and might be secretly working on the Kurt Vonnegut Cat's Cradle adaptation while no one is looking.

To donate to the Kurt Vonnegut Library fundraiser, visit their Kickstarter page. Currently, there are no updates on the Kurt Vonnegut Library website about the possibility of holding VonnegutFest in November 2016.

[Picture by Matthias Rietschel/AP Images]