Iggy Azalea Sends Nick Young And His Belongings Packing, Foot Locker Spoofs D’Angelo Russell Incident

Iggy Azalea took to Instagram to let fans and prospective suitors know that her relationship with Nick Young is over. Citing her inability to trust her ex-fiance, she decided to seek a new future for herself rather than commit to marrying a man who won’t fully commit to her. Photos gathered by the New York Daily News show boxes and furniture littering the driveway, and a classic car Azalea gave Young as a Christmas present being towed away. The couple announced their engagement on June 1, 2015, which lasted a little more than a year.

Nick Young, a 31-year-old basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been involved with the 26-year-old Australian model turned rapper since October 2013. Young was accidentally outed as an alleged serial cheater by fellow Laker D’Angelo Russell in March, who famously released a video where Nick is talking about his infidelities despite being engaged to Iggy.

The results of the video were explosive, not just for the couple, but for D’Angelo Russell in the locker room, who admitted that his unintentional guy code breach caused a lot of problems for him with his teammates. Iggy Azalea seemed grateful for the heads up, according to a Twitter post.

“Hmmm I see D Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”

Iggy Azalea stated multiple times that she wanted to make the relationship work and had no intention of giving up on the relationship; although, during an appearance on the Orlando & The Freakshow radio show, she did threaten to cut off Young’s penis if he cheated on her again. Realizing that Kendrick Lamar’s cousin isn’t worth a prison sentence, no matter how good that episode of Snapped might be, the “Fancy” singer opted instead to end the engagement and move him and his property out of their Tarzana, California, home.

The only response Young had in regard to his relationship status was expressed in a one-word tweet.

Azalea recently made an appearance on GMA, performing new and old music. At the time, she said things were moving full steam ahead with Young. However, she did seem a little less starry-eyed and a bit wiser during her interview. Perhaps the stress of promoting her new album Digital Distortion, in addition to worrying about a relationship with a man who clearly wasn’t ready for the responsibilities of a one-on-one relationship, made her decide that it wasn’t worth sacrificing her money or her mind to a lost cause. She realized that if he can’t appreciate a beautiful and talented woman, then she needs to find someone who can.

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Meanwhile, D’Angelo Russell spoofed the entire situation in a new Footlocker ad featuring Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns, Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker, and LSU’s Ben Simmons, who complimented his seniors on their Foot Locker gear before asking for their professional advice. Russell’s advice included throwing away Simmons’ phone.

In retrospect, Iggy Azalea owes D’Angelo a bottle of high-end champagne. His faux pas allowed her to take off those rose-colored glasses and realize that the cheating video was a sign of things to come. She dodged a major bullet, and Nick Young can continue to see all the women he wants without having to be sneaky about it. Iggy Azalea’s new album Digital Distortion drops next month.

[Photo by John Shearer/AP]