Chris Harrison Kicks Chad Johnson Off ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ After He Gets Drunk, Verbally Abuses Lace Morris [Report]

Shortly after Chad Johnson made his exit from The Bachelorette, ABC announced that he will appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, a new report indicates that host Chris Harrison didn’t tolerate Chad’s drunken behavior, verbal attacks, and villainous ways.

Unfortunately, Chad didn’t go on Paradise to redeem himself after bullying his way through five episodes of The Bachelorette. Instead, he brought his bad attitude to Mexico and continues to mock the show now and his former cast mates, going so far as hooking up with Robby Hayes’ ex-girlfriend and bragging about it during a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (video below).

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

Earlier this month, Chad flew to Mexico to join the Bachelor in Paradise cast, something that ABC tried to keep under wraps until last night’s formal announcement during his final appearance on The Bachelorette.

Just a few days after Johnson was said to be taping the show, he returned to social media, an obvious clue that he was back home and eliminated from the show.

Curious as to what went down in Paradise that caused him to get booted off before he had a chance to develop a relationship with one of the 12-plus ladies who were cast for the show? Here’s the latest scoop on Chad’s journey to find no love on reality TV.

According to blogger Reality Steve, Chad only lasted one night in Paradise, and it wasn’t just because he was drunk. He was reportedly drunk and “out of control,” and he went so far as to call Lace Morris (Ben Higgins’ season) the “C-word” after they got into an argument.

Is any of this surprising based on Chad’s behavior on The Bachelorette? No, but it apparently didn’t sit well with host Chris Harrison, who ultimately made the decision to kick Chad off the show after one day of filming.

“As we know he’s already home. Well, that’s because on the very first night, he got belligerent drunk, told people they could “suck Bachelor d**k,” got into an argument with Lace, called her the Cee You Next Tuesday word, and was basically out of control. So the next morning Chris Harrison kicked him off the show. But I’m sure that was all the editing, right Chad?”

Steve goes on to say that during Chad’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he blamed editing for the bad rap he got on The Bachelorette, but he doesn’t think editing played any part in his poor behavior in Paradise.

“I know he went on Kimmel last night and blamed the editing,” Steve writes. “I’m not sure how he’s gonna blame the editing for his drunked [sic] behavior getting kicked off Bachelor In Paradise after one night.”

Last season, Bustle wrote about Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 contestant Chris Bukowski, stating he had the “shortest, drunkest vacation” that the show had ever seen, but at least he wasn’t using profanity and verbally attacking other women on the show. Chris was drunk and harmless — Chad was rude and unruly, and it was a good call on Chris Harrison’s part to send him home.

Are you surprised to hear that Chad Johnson was kicked off after just one night of filming in Paradise? Was it a good idea to allow him on the show at all? Sound off in the comments below.

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