‘Empire’ Season 3 Spoilers: Rhonda Dead After Rooftop Fight With Anika?

Empire won’t return for Season 3 until later this year, but after the huge Season 2 finale cliffhanger everyone wants to know what will happen to the Lyon family next.

According to Movie News Guide, in the final scenes of Season 2, Andre walked in on a scary rooftop battle between his wife, Rhonda, and the woman carrying Hakeem’s baby, Anika. During the struggle, one or both of the women went over the edge, and someone may be pronounced dead when Empire returns for Season 3.

Empire producer Ilene Chaiken revealed that “only one” of the women “will survive the fight.” This means that when Season 3 begins either Rhonda will be dead, or Anika, pregnant with Hakeem’s baby, will be gone.

The show’s executive producer Sanna Hamri dropped a huge clue about which of the women will die, saying, “Andre is going to witness a death that’s going to deeply affect him.”

This leads Empire fans to believe that it will be Rhonda who will kick the bucket when the show returns this fall. Rhonda’s death would surely impact Andre more than Anika’s would. Meanwhile, Rhonda and Andre’s relationship has been on the rocks, and the character of Anika is right back in the thick of the storyline again. It makes sense for Rhonda to be the one to go.

Empire Season 3: Rhonda or Anika dead? [Image via Fox]During the Season 2 finale, Anika married Lucious in order to protect her from having to testify against him in court. Anika, who has gone completely crazy, is desperate to be a part of the Lyon family, and jumped at the chance to get her wedding to Lucious.

Even though Anika is pregnant with Lucious’ grandchild, her place in the Lyon family may be in jeopardy. If Rhonda dies then Andre may blame Anika for having a hand in killing her. Also, Lucious knows that it was Anika who pushed a very pregnant Rhonda down the stairs, causing her to lose her baby.

“Anika is in so much trouble. And that is what’s tragic about parts of her characters is. She has to go to such lengths to preserve herself.”

Empire Season 3 is going to be huge for many other reasons as well. Cookie is hurt and angry that Lucious chose to marry Anika, and the matriarch of the Lyon family will be on a new path when fans see her next.

“We’re going to follow Cookie’s new path after being devastated by Lucious’ decision, and see what happens between her and Lucious because the great thing is, they’re co-CEOs of Empire. Let’s not forget, we have the half brother Tariq that Lucious has to deal with and who’s in the FBI. There’s so much and it’s going to be an exciting season.”

Empire season 3 spoilers: Teenage Cookie and Lucious cast. [Image via Fox]However, Cookie and Lucious will still be the main focus of Season 3. According to TV Line, a teenage version of both Cookie and Lucious will appear during Empire Season 3. This means that there are sure to be plenty of flashbacks, and fans may even get to see how the couple met, fell in love, got married, and welcomed their children together.

Empire continues to be one of the most talked about shows on TV, and the Lyon family doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, the show’s co-creator, Lee Daniels, has spoken out on plans for a spin-off series that would focus on Cookie’s life as a young girl living in Philadelphia with her family.

It will definitely be interesting to see what’s in store for Cookie, Lucious, Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem when Empire returns to Fox in the fall.

Do you think Rhonda will die in Season 3?

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