‘Southern Charm’ Cliffhanger Asks Again: Did Landon And Thomas Hook Up? [Spoilers]

Warning: Spoilers are shared in this article.

Virtually no fans of Southern Charm thought that the potential cliffhanger of Season 3 would be about Landon of all people. After the dramatic dinner from hell at the home of Thomas Ravenel, most thought that the focus would be on Ravenel and his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis. However, the tide shifted awkwardly towards Landon, who seemed to get the most screen time. From professing her love to Southern Charm co-star Shep to deciding she wanted to follow in the footsteps of Whitney’s mama Patricia to getting attention at the Founders Ball, Landon was chewing up some serious scenery on the finale of Southern Charm.

According to the Inquisitr, rumors of Landon’s potential one-night stand with Thomas Ravenel came out earlier in the season on Southern Charm. While she vehemently denied it, Thomas was cagey and did a lot of winking and nodding when it came to the suggestion that he slept with Landon. But while Thomas Ravenel bragged about Landon’s sexual skills to his ponytailed friend in his kitchen, Landon went on social media and seemed to answer one person at a time on Twitter, telling them that they were wrong and she was never intimate with Thomas. Most Southern Charm fans thought Landon doth protest too much.


Tamara Tattles did an instant recap on the Southern Charm finale, called the “Founders Brawl,” as what should have been a lush evening of dressy clothes and finger food turned into a night of bitterness but, luckily, no fisticuffs. The episode started with the theme “He’s Just Not Into You.” Landon told Shep she loved him, but since Landon didn’t take a hint from Shep’s behavior, he finally had to tell her he doesn’t feel that way about her.

But Landon is not ready to give up and plans to change Shep’s mind by rocking his world with just the right gown and shoes at the Founders Ball, so she seeks that help of the Yoda of Charleston, Patricia, Whitney’s mama. Patricia is going to transform Landon from WASP au naturale to WASP vamp. Patricia claims that she would never attend K. Cooper Ray’s Founders Ball and many fans were appalled by her rude treatment of Coop during the Southern Charm season because he chose #TeamKathryn. Sources say that Patricia was invited, and that her invitation was hand delivered by K. Cooper Ray himself, but Whitney’s mama didn’t even have the manners to RSVP, quellle dommage!


Tamara Tattles reports that Patricia has taken on Landon as her project and is committed to getting one of the Southern Charm Peter Pans to see the light and fall in love with Landon.

“Patti tries to give Landon a lesson in how to real in a rich old man to marry. So sad and pathetic to see this in 2016.”

But all of Patricia’s coaching on how to trap a man was for nothing, because though Landon came alone with the hope of going home with Shep, he brought a date. And Shep didn’t come with just any date — he brought Landon’s good friend Robyn, which causes Landon to run off to the confessional and cry. Southern Charm’s Founders Ball then turned into a junior high school dance, where everything was very dramatic and seemed like the end of the world.


But then, continuing the Landon show on Southern Charm, Landon gets sucked into the Kathryn and Thomas vortex, because Kathryn still believes that something went on between Landon and Thomas, and Thomas told Kathryn before the ball that going forward, Landon was persona non grata. But for someone who claims that nothing has ever gone on, Thomas’ hand seems very comfortable on Landon’s bottom, and Landon gets her usual giggles on while Thomas pats her bum several times.

The Thomas/Landon/Kathryn fight goes a few rounds, but Landon is looking for the nearest exit because the sight of Shep with Robyn has ruined her night, and frankly, she is still not sure Kathryn won’t kill her. She leaves, which triggers the cliffhanger. Shep’s date, Robyn, watches Landon leave and asks Shep the question that should be followed by dramatic music.

“Do you think Landon is going to admit that she slept with Thomas?”

And Shep responds in the way that Southern Charm fans responded at home.



Bustle says that the Southern Charm cliffhanger was absolutely revolving around the question of did Thomas Ravenel and Landon hook up or didn’t they. The Southern Charm’s hot hook-up question of the season is slipped in just when viewers thought the finale was done, courtesy of Shep’s date, who delivers her question is an incredibly nonchalant manner.

“Do you think that Landon’s going to admit that she slept with Thomas?”

This could change the whole reunion of Southern Charm next week.

Do you believe that Landon and Thomas Ravenel hooked up on Southern Charm?

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