WTF? Activision hiking price of Modern Warfare 2 in UK

Apologies for the recent rash of Call of Duty-related posts, but this kind of thing really gets my goddamn goat.

First of all, let me say this much: Modern Warfare 2looks fantabulous, and I’ve no doubt it will deliver. Publisher Activision’s handling of the game isn’t so sparkling, however.

The company is already planning to lure gamers in with what I personally deem to be one of the most redundant special edition bundles ever created. Now, they’re jacking the price up here in Britain to £55. FIFTY-FIVE BLOODY POUNDS, as opposed to the usual price for new games of about £40. At current rates, that’s over $92. Best of all, it’s expected other publishers will shortly follow suit.

Why? Activision is leaning on the excuse crutch that is the recession, but I’m not buying it. The company knows that pre-orders for Modern Warfare 2 have been through the roof – indeed, no other Activision release has matched it in these terms. The people want it, and Activision knows they’ll pay.

That’s the most depressing thing about this: while I’d love to think this would deter customers and thus teach this fat cat publisher a lesson, I can’t see it happening. People are rabid for this game, and will stump up the cash. Ugh, people. Just fire me to the moon, already.

[Via MCV]