Who Is Paulie Calafiore Of ‘Big Brother’ Season 18?

Season 18 of Big Brother is about to begin, and fans are already buzzing about the new contestants. There are said to be twists and turns on the way, but the motto of this game is to “Expect the Unexpected,” so that comes as no surprise. Houseguest Paulie Calafiore is already generating quite a bit of buzz, and people are anxious to know more about this particular player.

The biggest reason that BB18 fans are buzzing about Paulie Calafiore is that he is connected to a previous Big Brother contestant: Cody Calafiore. Cody played in Season 16 a couple of summers ago and was runner-up to Derrick Levasseur. Now, his brother Paulie is heading into the house and angling to take home the win himself.

As Paulie’s Big Brother profile at CBS details, he is 27-years-old and lives in Howell, New Jersey. Calafiore works as a DJ and considers himself to be passionate, driven, and witty. He loves to play the guitar and practice Krav Maga, and he thinks that being away from his work and his family will be the toughest part of the game for him. This BB18 contender says he has a lot of strategies in mind to utilize this summer, but he will wait to pin down his approach until he sees who else is in the mix of things.

Calafiore is quite active on social media, and he attended Rutgers University. In fact, according to CTR Soccer, Paulie was a soccer captain for four of his five seasons at Rutgers, and the team did quite well during his time there. He was drafted by the Colorado Rapids after college, but he didn’t play for long. He later created a training program called Calafiore 360 Fitness.


This Big Brother 18 contestant may end up trying to downplay his career in the house, but it is clear from his social media pages that he has many irons in the fire and is no slouch. Calafiore may be presented as a DJ on the show this summer, but he is clearly a guy who is motivated to do well and work hard. In addition to his DJ work and fitness program, it looks like Paulie does some modeling as well.

Paulie is close to his family, and Big Brother fans can bet that he had talked a lot with Cody about how to approach this BB18 journey. It is clear from Calafiore’s social media pages that he is a confident guy, and it will be interesting to see how he utilizes all of this in the house as he builds relationships with the other contestants and formulates a strategy to get to the finals.

Will Calafiore be a contender for the win this summer? Things are about to get started with Season 18, but there are still some mystery houseguests yet to be revealed, and this could significantly shake things up for Paulie and the other players.

Fans are buzzing that there may be four veterans brought into the house to serve as coaches or mentors, and this could impact Paulie’s game depending on who shows up. Will he tell everybody about his connection to Cody? Will he be able to use his drive and passion to succeed in the social and physical components of the game, or will he come on too strong?

Big Brother 18 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, June 22, and fans are quite anxious to see where things are headed this summer. Could Paulie Calafiore manage to do what his brother Cody couldn’t and bring home the big win? Viewers cannot wait to see how things play out as the new season gets going.

[Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS Press Express]