Scott Disick Finally Confronts Kourtney Kardashian Over Her Rumored Hook-Ups With Justin Bieber

Talk about awkward moments. During the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott Disick finally confronted Kourtney Kardashian about her short fling with Justin Bieber.

While the Kardashian clan enjoyed a short ski vacation in Colorado, Perez Hilton reports that Disick brought Bieber’s name up during a game of Cards Against Humanity.

The tension builds up after Kourtney drew a card that asked, “Why am I sticky?”

Her family’s responses included “fleshlight,” “still being a virgin,” and “your weird brother.” Things got even more awkward when Kourtney read the next card.

“Justin Bieber,” Kourtney read, while Disick quickly added, “I put that one!”

Disick and Kourtney were together for a long time before deciding to end their relationship last year. Based on his Bieber comments, it doesn’t appear as though Disick has fully moved on since the split.

According to Radar Online, Courtney was photographed hanging out with Bieber last fall, sparking rumors that the two enjoyed a short fling.

Kourtney Kardashian Claims 'Sick' Scott Disick Needs Help For His 'Sex Issues' [Photo by Slavic Vlasic/Getty Images] Kourtney Kardashian [Photo by Slavic Vlasic/Getty Images]Then, just a few months ago, an insider revealed that Kourtney and Bieber had hooked up yet again.

“He says Kourtney is the best lover he’s ever had and he can’t stay away from her,” the source explained. “He loves having an older, experienced lover and they have a great friendship connection, too, so it works for both of them.”

Neither Kourtney nor Bieber has confirmed the status of their relationship, though it has clearly not sat well with Disick.Scott Disick’s mention of Bieber, meanwhile, was only the beginning of problems. Although the trip started good, People is reporting that everything turned south after the Kardashian sisters found out about Rob’s proposal to Blac Chyna.

Rob did not go to Colorado with the family because he didn’t want to stir up any beef with Tyga, Chyna’s ex-boyfriend, and Kylie Jenners boyfriend at the time of the trip.

Rob’s absence was immediately felt by Kris Jenner, who admitted that things would have been perfect with Rob in the picture.

“It makes me so sad, and making another memory without him breaks my heart,” Jenner revealed. “This would have been really great for him to connect with the family again.”

The drama really picked up after the family heard about Rob’s proposal.

Rob had chatted with everyone the night before he proposed to Chyna, but HE failed to mention his plans to any member of the Kardashian clan.

“He proposed in front of her whole family,” Khloe stated. “That’s so f***ed up. Rob is such a p***y. I’m not going to cover for him anymore. What am I covering for him anymore for?”

For her part, Kim tried to act like the proposal didn’t matter.

“I don’t care if he tells me, I truly could care less,” she said.

Kourtney, however, quickly pointed out how Kim was telling everyone about the news, and she was clearly upset about what happened.

rob kardashian lamar odom drug relapse Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian [Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]“Maybe he thinks that you guys are judgmental because clearly you are,” Kourtney said.

In the end, Kourtney bashed Kim for being too harsh on her brother.

“That’s exactly why he didn’t tell you because you’re a b***h,” Kourtney told her.

Khloe agreed though she speculated that Chyna might be the one behind all the secrecy.

“Instead of sharing this with his family he keeps pushing us away,” Khloe noted. “Is someone in his ear giving him this information that he should stay away from us?”

With the sisters fighting over Rob’s relationship with Chyna, Disick’s behavior during the trip was mild in comparison.

Fans can watch the drama continue to unfold as the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians continues Sunday nights on E!.

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