Kate Middleton: The Effect Of The Duchess Carried On By Her Little Prince And Princess

It’s been a busy few weeks for the royal family, including Kate Middleton, her hubby Prince William, and their little ones. The royal favorites have been front and center while they celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and attend charity and sporting events.

It’s always expected that Kate and her crew are at their best in terms of fashion and poise, and this family of seeming perfection, have not disappointed as of late. As onlookers of this posh and regal family, it’s not always known just how much of an impact their fashion choices have on the clothing industry around the globe.

As Forbes notes, the “fashion frenzy around their outfits style statements… have immediate economic repercussions on the clothing industry amounting to billions of dollars.”

Although today it is Prince William’s birthday, it is the Duchess and their children who seem to have an immediate effect on the economy based on their choices of product and fashion. Forbes outlines the interesting trend that occurs when the young royals sport a certain style and have termed it the “Cambridge Effect.”

“‘The “Cambridge Effect’ (more on that in a moment) means that any article of clothing any of them wears – for a public function or a special photo sells immediately. You must have noticed that many of the media at the public events attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge include in their coverage the fashions she or her children are wearing, with their prices, where to purchase them or how to order them from the internet.”

The impact that the family has on the fashion industry has been so prevalent and undeniable that this has led to the terms “Cambridge Effect” and “Kate Effect” being entered into Wikipedia where is is defined as “the trend-effect that Catherine Duchess of Cambridge has on others from cosmetics to sales of coral-colored jeans.” It also estimates that this phenomenon known as the Kate Effect is worth over £1 billion to the British fashion industry alone.

A perfect example as to how strong the Duchess influences the buying choices of the general public includes her choice of attire while she and Prince William went on tour to Bhutan, this past April. Kate selected an Anita Dongre dress which she wore to a cricket game. The dress was suddenly in such high demand that the designer was forced to forego producing all other designs in order to meet the surge in popularity of that particular dress.

As noted, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have become little fashion icons much like their mom. It seems as though anything the two little ones are garbed in, from clothing to small accessories, become instant must-haves for millions of consumers. Forbes continues to relay the fascinating effect of the toddlers.

“Like their mother, every appearance of Prince George or Princess Charlotte ripples through the industry as parents from around the world start looking for the same dresses, boys’ shorts, cardigans, shoes, hair bows, and tights. The brands that create them and the stores that sell them experience massive online traffic surges and orders.”

As noted by People, it is Prince William’s birthday today, and although the future King has not ranked in the slightest as being a part Cambridge Effect, he can surely be proud to have such an adorable little family who are so beloved around the globe. Prince William has much to celebrate and to be grateful for on his 34th birthday and likely isn’t too sore about not having a massive effect on the fashion industry like his beautiful wife and little ones do.

[Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]