‘RHOC’ Star Lauri Peterson’s Troubled Son Arrested For Attempted Murder

Josh Waring, the son of Lauri Peterson of The Real Housewives of Orange County, was arrested in Costa Mesa, California, for attempted murder. Josh Waring, 27, who has had trouble with drugs and the law for years, allegedly shot a man in the torso at the man’s home at 2:30 in the morning. There was a witness to the assault by Peterson’s son, and police were able to identify him and pick him up.

According to the Inquisitr, the Real Housewives of Orange County franchise is no stranger to criminal behavior. Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks Ayers is an alleged con man who told everyone he had cancer, but then he got caught in a series of lies. For much of the last season, Vicki stuck by Brooks and shunned her friends until it finally hit her that Brooks had lied about his cancer and treatment.

The Los Angeles Times described the alleged attempted murder by Lauri Peterson’s son, Josh Waring, in detail and explained how the police were able to track Waring down. The police in the area have arrested Waring many times, mostly for drug offenses. Waring and the victim reportedly had a disagreement, and then Waring allegedly discharged his weapon, according to Lt. Paul Beckman.

“Apparently there had been a previous confrontation between [Waring] and the occupants of that residence earlier, and he had returned.”

The victim was taken to Orange County Global Medical Center, where he is expected to live. After the alleged shooting, Waring stole a BMW SUV and fled. Waring was followed by police and helicopters, and they finally tracked him down. Waring then fled on foot and was in a stand-off with police in Santa Ana.

“After a brief standoff, he surrendered without further incident to the Santa Ana police.”

Waring’s past crimes are varied, but most are related to drugs. In 2008, Waring pleaded guilty to three felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and six misdemeanors related to drug use or possession. He also pleaded guilty to misdemeanors, including hit-and-run in 2008, battery in 2009, possession of drug paraphernalia in 2009, and resisting a peace officer and drug possession in 2015.

Waring’s mother, Lauri Peterson, left RHOC to help Waring get his life together and get off of drugs, but she obviously had limited success.

Tamara Tattles says that Josh Waring has never been able to fully recover from his drug habit. Waring also has a child that neither he nor the child’s mother can care for, and so Lauri Peterson adopted the child and cares for her. It is unclear where Waring was living at the time of his latest arrest.

People Magazine is breaking the news that Josh Waring has been offered bail, and they have identified the victim as Daniel Lopez. The charges against Josh Waring are attempted murder, vehicle theft, felony evading police, and hit and run. His bail was set at $1 million, and as of this time, Waring has not yet posted bail.

Police are still trying to figure out how a disagreement ended in a shooting, but it is clear that Waring was the aggressor, according to Lt. Beckman.

“Apparently there had been a previous confrontation between [Waring] and the occupants of that residence earlier, and he had returned.”

Daniel Lopez is still in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Waring is still awaiting the outcome of a case earlier this year. Months ago, Waring pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. Waring’s mother, Lauri Peterson, has surrendered everything in her life to get Waring on the straight and narrow and away from drugs. Lauri Peterson quit RHOC in an effort to be there for Waring.

“As most of the viewers know, I have a son and he’s had just a lot of challenges. And he and his wife had a baby almost three years ago. He’s really struggling and, well, they’re both really struggling. And so [my husband] George and I elected to help out and we actually adopted Kennedy, and so we’re raising her.”

Do you believe that Lauri Peterson will ever be able to help Josh Waring get clean?

[Image via Bravo/WWHL]