Fifth Harmony Drama -- See The Deleted Tweet Aimed At Camila Cabello That's Causing Serious Friction

Is there drama brewing in Fifth Harmony?

According to a new report by Perez Hilton, a tweet posted on social media by bandmember Lauren Jauregui's mom, Clara Jauregui, on June 20 is now causing serious drama for the band's fans and management.

Fifth Harmony fan @befour727 uploaded a screen shot of a tweet posted on the social media site by Lauren's mom, in which she called out Camila Cabello's manager for failing to acknowledge Fifth Harmony when congratulating Camila on taking home four awards at Canada's Much Music Video Awards on June 19.

"Lets get it right 2 were thanks to Fifth Harmony. Just keeping it real," Jauregui's now-deleted tweet read, appearing to suggest that the manager, Roger Gold, ignored the fact that half of Camila's awards also belonged to Fifth Harmony.

The tweet came shortly after the Canadian award show and in reply to Gold's original Twitter message, which read "SO proud of [Camila Cabello] who won 4 #MMVAs last night [and] would've been the biggest winner if @Drake wasn't Canadian!"

Cabello walked away one of the biggest winners of the night, taking home Much Music Video Awards for Best Pop Video and Fan Fave Video for "I Know What You Did Last Summer," her duet with Shawn Mendes, as well as awards for both Fan Fave International Artist or Group and Most Buzzworthy International Artist or Group as part of Fifth Harmony.

Fifth Harmony fans took to Twitter to praise Jauregui for "keeping it real" following the social media slam, tweeting back messages of the support to Lauren's mom.

"BEST MOM AWARD GOES TO *drum roll*... CLARA JAUREGUI" Twitter user @DinahsKordeiii wrote in reply, while Fifth Harmony fan @robertstahp added, "YAAAAASSS TELL HIM MAMA, DRAG HIM @rogerhgold."

Fifth Harmony Drama? See The Deleted Tweet Causing Serious Friction
[Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images]"THAT'S MY GIRL! @ClaramJauregui is such a BOSS!" @jaureguiiisdope then tweeted out to the Fifth Harmony mom, adding, "I see where @LaurenJauregui gets it from!"

But while some fans appeared to stand behind Jauregui's tweet, others slammed the Fifth Harmony mom over the now-deleted tweet and claimed that the manager did in fact explicitly reference that two of the awards Cabello took home at the award show were for Fifth Harmony on his official Instagram account.

"Let you NOT," @DOMINIQTRIX wrote on the social media site alongside a screen shot of Gold's Instagram message about Camila Cabello, in which he clarified that Camila won two awards "as a member of Fifth Harmony" and another two "for her platinum selling duet" with Shawn Mendes. "He brought up fifth harmony on Instagram," the Twitter fan continued, adding, "Girl bye."

Fifth Harmony Drama? See The Deleted Tweet Causing Serious Friction
[Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images]Fifth Harmony fan @emilyaprile97 also blasted Lauren Jauregui's mom on the 140-character tweet, writing shortly after Clara deleted the social media message, "[Clara Jauregui] needs to get over herself shading on a 19 year olds success..... I thought you liked Camila, [I] guess not."

But while fans appeared divided by Jauregui's controversial tweet about Camila's big win, this doesn't appear to be the first time Clara has taken aim at Cabello on the social media site.

Following the latest Fifth Harmony drama, fan @_casantoss posted a number of screen shots from the exchange on social media, as well as a separate incident in which Lauren's mom appeared to slam Cabello for tweeting about Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman and not the band's latest album, 7/27.

The twitter user alleged that the Fifth Harmony mom, who did not tag Camila in the tweet, wrote on the social media site last month, "Ummmm… NEWS FLASH 7/27… album drops tomorrow #WakeUp #promote #YOURALBUM 12 countries #1 Now there's a tweet."

What do you think of the alleged drama brewing in the Fifth Harmony camp?

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